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  • Johnc1 ·
    NAVYDUDE We are going down to the show in Myrtle Beach next weekend. How far is that from you? If you can get down stop by. We are staying at the Clarion. John
    edwardb ·
    Hello Jeff. I see you sent this visitor message nearly two months ago. Sorry, I didn't get notified and just happened to see it today. Just a hint, you may want to use Private Messages (PM's) vs. visitor messages. They're a lot more visible. But to answer your question, and maybe doesn't matter after this long, I have SN95 (96-04) spindles on my Mk3. These are decent, and work well with the Cobra brakes. Many identify them because they have a straight steering arm. But if you have a choice, most consider the 94-95 spindles with the curved steering arm to be better. In some cases, they provide better front end geometry and less bump steer. Mine work very well, and I don't have bump steer issues. But I'm just saying what many others would tell you. The FFR supplied spindles, assuming you're talking about their brand new 2-piece spindles, are supposed to be the best yet and better than any of the donor spindles. I would try to use them if you can.

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