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  • sgspeed ·

    Shep Goodspeed here (sgspeed)

    Finally about to get my car back on the road. I cant explain what took me so long, maybe it was the heat had the fact that my son has other interests and was not there to help....The car will be beautiful when finished. As you may know, insurance paid for the damage and I used it to buy a lot of goodies. Gorden Levy billet a arms, a huge radiator from levy racing also and a Isis electrical system. The body I got from Ken Pike. Painted by him. Metallic blue with a metallic pearl stripe.

    I will let you know. Once again the tech part of the forum saved me. I turns out that my intectors are frozen after the storage. This took a long time to figure out an entailed me learning what a noid light was. The signals tested good. I never imagined the injectors would do this. Wasted a huge amount of time with a meter. Such is life in the tropics.
    MJN ·

    Sorry about that I don't check visitor messages only PM's. Did you get it started? Let me know how you're getting on. I'd love to stop by and see how you are making out.

    bsaguil ·
    Good Afternoon,

    It's been awhile since we first meet last year. I live just down the around the corner on Yardley Rd by Marazzo's Nursery. This weekend I going to tackle some wiring so I can bump the engine and possibly try the first start. Would you mind stopping by if I cannot get the engine to start?

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