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  • ln_graham ·
    Hi Karl: Some 4 years ago you helped me trouble shoot an over fuelling issue when I was building my 4.6 mod. My wife and I are coming to Maui in 2 weeks for a short holiday. Wondering if you will be around. We would love to meet you.
    Lyndon Graham Calgary Alberta.
    traks ·
    aloha !
    just starting the adventure...was at the factory last week ...very impressed with dave &
    the whole operation... need gen info re hi problems and do you know if there are any oahu guys with ffrs .....would like to contact them ... new member "traks" MAHALO
    heartstarter ·
    Hi. Found your old wheel/axle post. I will be in same situation.MK4 Kit isn't here yet but found a donor 03 Mach 1 with all the mechanicals in good shape. Also want to keep the rear axle as is for $ and to retain ABS and TC. My son is set on a staggered look - did you find a 17x10.5 that would fit the rear? What backspace? Now that you have the 9's on, does it look like 10.5's are possible on a stock 03 rear? Thanks, Steve
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