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  • Dick Z ·
    Mike, I've got a Ford Racing 306 in my FFR complete kit type 65 coupe #590, Mk 2.0 with the FFR Vintage Air conditioning kit. I need power steering; can you give me advice? I'm close to finishing the car - door weatherstripping, windows, carpet...

    Second question. I'd like power brakes as well but I didn't want to go with the Whitby setup and cut the frame. I have the Wilwood pedal box and a CNC triple brake fluid reservoir.

    And finally I saw this on the forum: "Hydroboost is your only other option. Relatively easy if you already have power steering. Not so easy if you have to add a pump."

    Jerry O ·
    Hi Mr. Dougherty; My name is Jerry Oesterreich. I recently recently requested some info on Electric power steering for my Mk3.1 roadster, 4.6, auto trans, preferably a bolt-on kit to replace my manual rack and pinion. You indicated Eric Hansen as a builder of such kits and I would appreciate further info. If you prefer, you can send me an email: [email protected], or any other method you desire. Thank you very much.

    Jerry O
    RE63 ·
    Hey Mark, Hope all is well and you have weathered these Nor'easters. I have some work colleagues who are telling me PA got pounded. We dodn;t get it to bad here on the cape, some power outages , but not too bad for snow.

    You know I still have this body right? You still want it?
    Chepsk8 ·
    Mark, Watching the weather for bringing out Tom's car next weekend, initially not great. Are you home MOnday the 15th? I am off, may be easier for me.

    Also I am doing alot of suspension work, and will discuss springs with you, and probably a corner weight session in mid-MArch.

    grluisi150 ·
    Thanks for asking. I bought a Fastrax and retuned the suspension and alignment. I increases the caster to 8*, highway driving is now a pleasure. Looking forward to auto crossing the car next year.
    grluisi150 ·
    I completed my roadster 2 months ago and I noticed at highway speeds the car is very sensitive. the car has PS and a KRC pump with lowest pressure value. During MD safety inspection I sent it to my local mechanic to align with the standard FFR alignment spec. I'm considering increasing the caster to 8* but before that I would like to get your advise on the alignment. I live just south of Baltimore and I can drive to your location. would you be available over the next few week? Or do you think a phone call is all I need?

    Gary Luisi
    202 815-8559
    Alan_C ·
    Mark: Thanks for getting back to me. Do you have an email address you could share. I have many questions as the Mustang build will be quite a leap for me from the MK4. After studying the suspension upgrade offerings out there, I did decide on using the TCP high HP front clip for my Mustang. I will likely use their rear suspension with the mini-tubs too so that I can put some bigger rubber on the car. The build will get started slowly, just planning the tear down and clean up for this year. I will move on to starting the front clip and mini-tubs install next year.
    If you come though AZ on your travels, let me know. I am in Prescott about 90 minutes North West of Phoenix.

    Alan_C ·
    Mark: I just brought home a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 that I plan a full restomod build to. I have been researching the aftermarket suspension systems out there and noted on the Total Control Performance web site a customer's 65 Fastback build. Was or is the Mustang shown your car? If it was, can we discuss your experience using the TCP products on your car?


    Nikoby ·
    Hey Mark,

    Would like to talk to you about assisting me with my build. I am outside of Detroit. I am also in the Army and travel quite a bit, so scheduling in the near term may be difficult. Not to mention the current lousy weather we are having.

    Please give me a call when you have a chance so I can give you all the details and we can discuss options.

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