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  • Gordon Levy ·
    You will need to replace the bell housing for the T600 and you should change the clutch and maybe the flywheel. I don't think it necessary to go to a scatter shield.
    Stroked65Coupe ·
    lucky you haha I have a 302 from a 90's explorer, and was thinking of doing the whole "inspection pipes" thing but figured I might as well look for an older block and save myself the aggravation right off the bat. the Pre-74 blocks are getting harder to find haha
    Larrys109 ·
    I made up a set of "side pipes" with cat and a small muffler all covered with a heatshield. When did my inspection at Winslow the guy cut me a break and gave me a letter stateing my engine was from a 1965 now I woun't have to change it back every two years.
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