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  • frd2 ·
    John -

    I saw older photos of your car w a luggage rack. Notice others without it. I want to make one for my car and am interested in dimensions. Especially enough info to get the trapezoid shape correct. Maybe the depth and then the max and min width? Or you could save me the trouble and sell me yours if you don't use it anymore......

    Davidbr_48 ·
    Hi John,

    I'm just getting started on building a FFR Roadster, and I would like to run the exhaust under the car like you did. (Your car is gorgeous, btw...). Any info you can provide about how you ran the pipes, which muffler you used, etc. would be really helpful. Probably best if you email me directly at [email protected]

    thanks - David Brooks
    Tucson, AZ
    bwdziol ·
    Nice to see your car as POM. I want to thank you again for being my inspiration when I designed my car. I did not have under car exhaust in it's first life. Now that I have it I am happier that ever.
    Best to you,
    Dan Ziol

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