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  • rickscobra ·
    Good morning Jeff,

    You may have seen my post on the other forum requesting assistance in evaluating/selling a Cobra for a friend in Texas. John from Dallas responded, but I thought I would put you in the loop as well. Initial discussions with spouse indicate a Mark 1 purchased in 2000. It is a rolling chassis with an engine installed. The husband has alzheimers and currently is in memory care center. The car is located in San Angelo Texas.

    I will let you know more after I talk to the wife again today.

    Danwmn ·
    Jeff, this is Dan from MN, we met at the Ohio show and discussed painting my car this winter. I sent you a tech and pictures of my interior last week just checking to see if you got them. Hope all is well with your building project.
    Bradamk1 ·
    Hi Jeff,
    I've been working on making a bikini top and getting ready to order the new top from FFR for some longer trips this coming season. While measuring, it is becoming very evident that I'm to tall or the windshield is too low, or racked back too much. It's almost perfect at 27" from top screw to body now, but the top windshield frame cuts thru my direct eye-line for the road, and the bikini top rest equally on my head and the roll bars. I'm 5'- 11" and I either need to get my butt lower in the saddle (I have stock seats and low profile slide rail) or windshield higher (increase rake maybe) before I dare order or make the top.
    Any thoughts?
    jfv ·
    Hello Jeff- I thought I remember somewhere in one of your posts that you installed Mike Everson's radiator shroud. I've been trying to fit that piece in this weekend after installing the Breeze lower radiator support. I maneuvered my radiator so is sits at 58 degrees as recommended and I think I can get the piece in at this point. However, now the radiator side aluminum has a huge gap between the edge of the aluminum piece and the body. Do most folks leave these two side pieces off as well as the radiator floor aluminum when installing Mikes radiator aluminum? Thanks so much for your input!
    AdamC ·
    nevermind...found your thread on this

    Hello Jeff. Car is running great...put 1000 miles in under a week!! Thought you mentioned SDC's self cancelling directions, if so how did you isolate it from the hazards. did you use diodes? Mine seem to work but activate the hazards every time i turn the key on so i have to turn the hazards on then off to shut them off. after that everthing is fine until i turn the ignition on again.
    himhimself ·
    Thanks Jeff. Seems to be the rack. I found some old messages on the forum from the builder (Payser) and he thought it was leaking from the fittings (high pressure in first post, low pressure in second, and said he was replacing the rack, but not sure if he ever did), but when I look it seems to be coming from the driver side boot. I need to get it up so I can really get a good look and see. I check the pump too to be safe.
    himhimself ·
    Oh Jeff, if I could only get my seasons straightened out - summer projects in the summer, winter projects in the winter...
    Actually hoping to get the pipes back on Friday. John at ProKote is trying to get me a 5 day turn around, as I just dropped them off today. Ben and I put the shiny roll bars back on yesterday. Looks like my PS rack has given up the ghost by puking out all the fluid since I drove it to your place back in Feb, so am going to have to deal with that soon. Always something getting in the way...
    itzdapig ·
    Hey Jeff,
    Hope this message finds you well.
    This is Keith in Saint Louis.
    Getting ready to finally put some paint on the beast. I think I remember seeing a fixture you were using to mount your doors on to be able to paint both sides at once, would you by chance have a picture of that and how you mounted the doors?
    Mike D ·
    But amazingly enough the phone was large enough to spot "over a dozen differences".

    LMAO! Excellent.

    AdamC ·
    Hate to keep bothering you but.....you are the best source of information. I thought you used a casey dash on an MK4. do i remember correctly you saying the top of the dash is 3/8 below the top of the hoop?? did you have to do anything to the ends?? can i cut off 2" from each end?...i do not know how much the body will cover. the ds i might be able to notch but the ps is way too long? if i screw to the hoop will the screws show or will the body cover them??

    woodall ·
    Jeff, thanks for the input. never heard that about pin drive and sai.
    Didn't think it would matter as pin drive is just a shorter LCA.
    pcww ·
    Hate to keep bothering you but I was researching sound/heat deadening and came across an old post of yours. I am now inclined to go Lizard Skin. What are you doing now? Henry kinney. Thanks
    himhimself ·
    Hey Jeff, Brent here. Curious on your thoughts for power brakes on my car. There is a hydroboost that just showed up on the classifieds. Do you think that would be an easier solution given that I have the 94-95 brakes instead of the earlier version that you and Aaron have?
    SanSimeonsam ·
    Jeff, did you put twin fan assembly on your car. If so do you have photos. The finish line product which i bought doesnt make sense and doesnt have instructions....
    SanSimeonsam ·
    Jeff, Did you put in an oil cooler. I like the looks but everyone seems to have problems keeping the oil hot enough unless they are on the track. I will be on the street in California where it dont get hot or we get our money back. I am thinking of putting in one and not hooking it up right away. Any opinion ?
    np630ss ·
    I just saw a pic of your car. Without a doubt it is one of the most sinister looks I have ever seen! Simple but awesome! Well done!
    mjp ·
    Hey Jeff, Thanks for the comment. I just got home and was looking at it a bit closer. I don't see much waviness. I went over some sections with a strait edge and even sprayed a section with black spray paint and sanded i off with a block. From what I could tell, for the most part it seems was pretty darn smooth. I know others have said sanding off paint with a DA leads to waves though. Do you think I'm missing something? Or have any other suggestions for checking the straitness?

    Also, by the way, on another note, the first time around I could never get the doors to line up too well. I was at about the max shim possible (some nuts would not quite fit all the way on the bolts) and didn't want the filler to be too thick. Don't mean to put you on the spot, but at some point, if you happen to have any ideas or think of any good threads regarding this issue, please let me know! You seem like the guy to ask.

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