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  • designergenes ·
    Hi Jim! I'm not getting a response...so i am hoping I can change or at least lower the H-point just a little bit....it really appears to be too high for any kind of package...unless you guys are planning on a dune buggy like a meyer manx revival? Anyhow let me know what you think and thank you again for your kind patience! best wishes!
    designergenes ·
    Hi Jim!
    I am currently excited about the new design contest at Factory Five
    and after reviewing the side view package....It may be me....but it appears the scale mannequin H-POINT is on the HIGH side. I have tried to look at this issue in comparison with for example the Cobra or other like 95"inch wheelbase vehicles...Fiat X-19 for example...and it just appears that the side profile of the guy sitting up in the package
    is way too high?
    Question #1....Can I lower the H-point for my design Proposal?
    Question #2....Can I submit more than one design proposal?

    Also...I'm new to this factory five forum..and not really computer literate...so I was wondering if you could send me an answer thru my regular [email protected] That would be so appreciated.
    I am also having trouble getting into the stream format with images?

    Christopher Dowdey
    Trenton, Michigan
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