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  • Larry N. Johnson ·
    You asked: "Larry,

    I've been having issues with getting the front tires (245/45/17) under the fenders with 17 Vintage Wheel Halibrand knock-offs 4.25 back space with3/8" adapter thickness for a pin drive IRS, IFS set up which is correctly put together. ... I realize the wide tires push the limits of the cobras front fenders and have set ride height at 4.5" and camber as recommended , but still having issues. If only that pin drive spindle adapter was eliminated, I'd be well under the fenders. What is your ride height set at, and did you have any problems or mods done to bring the tires under the fenders in the front? .."

    1. You need smaller tires.
    2. If it is rubbing inside, add spacer
    3. If rubbing fender, refer to suggestion 1
    4. As a wild option, if fender rub, you might machine 1/8" off back of the wheel & another 1/8" off back of the adapter. Safety is your responsibility; this idea will slightly weaken the wheel and adapter.
    Jerry Myers ·
    him himself:
    thanks for your interest, have had a good response from others interested. will try and post some pics as soon as I recover more from shoulder surgery. I live in Coopertown, Tennessee just north of Nashville TN. If you could drive it would save on shipping, packing, insurance and would assure they arrived undamaged. Let me know your decision. The price is set to sell and is less than what it would cost to have them Jet-Hot silver coated. Have you checked Jet-Hot out on the web you'll see that these are far better than a cloudy looking local ceramic job. It's far more durable and many times better looking. I am a stickler on detail and am building or attempting a 100point car for show purposes. Hence, the added expense of Jet-hot.
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