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  • j.miller ·
    You need to repair with 5 layers of 8oz fiberglass cloth on the inside. once that is done you can sand the crack down to the new fiberglass and fill HSRF or body filler. Jeff
    carlewms ·

    I put a crack in the roadster door jambs (poor lifting technique obviously) ...

    The cracks are about 1 inch long about midway up the door jamb.

    What is the best way to fix these cracks and reinforce the door jamb?


    j.miller ·
    John, Yes it turned out to be a great show and as always , good to see everyone. I would be honored to have a group come for a visit and a chat at the cave. I'm even willing to shuttle them from Pechanga so you don't have to drive on my dirt road. Cheers, Jeff
    John Tongish ·
    Hi Jeff,

    That was one hell of a car show at Huntington! Nice people, nice cars, and the nicest of vibes.

    I would like to bring a group of the Ageless Avengers to Temecula at some future weekend for an explanation of what you do. Let me know if I should abandon any hope of a two-hour (+/-) informative discussion/explanation from DaBat (in his shop) to a bunch of groupies about how you and your staff create the magical transformation of our rustic fiberglas bodies to pristine "Angeline Jolie" perfection. (There may even be a Pechanga lunch in the deal if you play your cards right.)

    Let me know if you are up to a little PR and schmoozing with some of your local fans.

    John Tongish
    John Tongish ·
    Sometime in the future I want to bring my yellow MK3 to you for a touchup. She has been run hard on many of the major tracks in the US and cruised thru the back roads of 27 states. Some spider cracks are starting to show and the street chips abound. I want to do some mods to the pedals and fuel system when the body is off, so if I bring the car to you and pick it up, what budget should I be looking at for a repair and repaint in the same Hummer Yellow color?

    Secondly, my tow vehicle is a '92 Chevy Blazer Sport. After 335,000 miles we have bonded and I really don't want to part with her. She is mechanically sound with no significant dents or accidents. The clear coat is failing which is the only major problem. I want to keep the truck and want to repaint it in its same factory red color. Is this something you might be willing to help me with?

    Let me know what you think about my two issues and if you can help.

    John Tongish
    dale ·
    Who's new in Prescott, AZ? Chuck Robertson just informed me, but is on his way to SEMA. A name or numbe?; or FFR.cobra name; and of course, COLOR? TX, B'man.
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