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  • RonnieP ·
    Gordon. Is there a maximum spring weight weight for the 30 series konis? Reason I ask is I was checking into replacment sperical
    bearings at a site that repairs konis and the were only rated for 300# springs. My fronts have 500# springs???
    Useless ·
    Gordon I just got done reading the posts with Hank and KONi you are still one of my venders you told me when my stuff would be at my house and it was there within a day alwaysthanks on all the help---dave
    Chris Carrington ·
    Gordon, I am a newbie and I want to change my leaking cork-style oil pan gasket on my Levy 8 qt oil pan. What do you recommend I use on my (1993, 5.0L, 302) Mark I Cobra? Also, what type of valve cover gaskets would you use to replace the old ones?
    Chris Carrington
    Gadden ·
    Hi Gordon.

    I was recommended to contact you on this forum. I was wondering if the brake kits that wilwood provide for Mustangs will fit on a FFR Coupe? What does a kit cost? I just baught a kit and are waiting for it to be delivered. Im from Sweden so it will take a wile before I start with it.

    WileyCoyote ·
    I read on a thread that you do not recommend a HV oil pump with SBF's as something really bad happens from time to time. What fails, the gear or the hex drive or something else?

    Thanks for your help,

    flajctype65 ·
    Gordon, I want to order your Wilwood brake setup for my coupe build. I just saw the "special" in a post yesterday and may as well get the deal rather than wait. What would be a good time to call and place the order and give payment details?
    Jim Cunningham (flajctype65)
    MichaelWhaley ·
    Hi Gordon,

    Next time you are in town and you want stop by and look over my cars i would be glad to have you at whatever the cost. I'm sure you will see things that need to be done that I wouldn't. If I've sounded like I am unhappy with the engine work you have done for me I'm not at all. Everyone tells me how much they like the way my cobra sounds. The problems I've had have all been my own fault due to impatience and lack of experience. Except for the engine factory POS.

    I wish you all the best in this crappy economy. The company I work for is really slowing down now and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to be getting a pay cut any day. I just hope it doesn't happen.

    Thanks for all your help,

    Gordon Levy ·
    Bret, I can tell you what will fit. We have several packages including a new one we are testing that is a high clearance design for wheels like halibrand replica. Please PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]
    Bret Watkins ·
    Thanks for the reply,
    I bought 18x9 but the spoke design hit on the caliper. I had Boss 338s and the front did not fit. If I give someone the measurements of my brake package can a wheel manufacter tell me what will fit. In this dat and age of CAD-Cam i would think it could be done?

    Thanks Bret
    Gordon Levy ·
    Sorry if I haven't answered on this page I don't visit it often. Please PM me or ask questions in the Ask Gordon forum. Thanks, Gordon
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