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  • venomous ·
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    Hi Gordon.
    It's been a long time, didn't know you too much back when I was active on the forum, but got a Master Cylinder from you a decade ago, and I was with Bill (helped a bit) when he started this forum. I still have FFR 2704 that I built in 01 and was hoping to get your trusted expert advice! I have a stock engine set up with tubular headers. I now want (actually need) to finally wake up the engine. I have loved the streetability of my current set up, dead reliable for 12 years. So I want to stay with EFI.
    Brian DZ ·
    If I came by your place tomorrow is there a time that is good? I'm trying to make it work with my other friends. Thanks Brian
    Gordon Levy ·
    I have several kits that would work but I do need a bunch more info. Please e-mail me at [email protected] what diff you have in the car and the ADR requirements and I can put together the correct parts for your use.
    northshore2014 ·
    Gordon.. I was given your name by Chris and Component Cars Aus in relation to a Willwood brake package to suit a Coupe 65 which would be used for some touring as well as some circuit work. I was intending to order the 17 inch rims from FFR.

    I was looking to use a non assisted system with dual circuits (and a hidden bias adjuster) and was also looking to add switchable ABS for street use.

    If you could please advise re any or all of the above and confirm the details (PN's and cost) for a suitable package which would be Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliant.

    With thanks

    Clyde's Keeper ·
    Greetings Gordon,
    I have a quick question for you but first I want to thank you for the help you provided me over the phone a few weeks ago. I had an ill running vehicle, we discussed a camshaft change that I am still going to do, not just yet though. Your suggestion was to eliminate the pcv in order to get my engine to idle correctly. After doing as suggested and some very minor carb adjusting, it runs better that it has in the three years and 20k miles of driving. Still not absolutely perfect but closer than ever. My problem is oil leaking at the intake manifold gasket, I screwed is up! My question is what brand and part number of intake gasket to use. I have read a number of opinions on this subject but I trust yours the most. I have a 351w with Edelbrock performer heads and intake.
    Thanks again for your recent help and thanks in advance for your future help. We will talk camshafts, soon I hope.
    Robert Perkins.
    Feen ·
    Hi Gordon, just researching my potential build. What would the cost be for one of your 347 strokers, fully dressed, dynoe'd, with clutch trann, etc, ready to drop in be? I would also like to have the cobra oval air cleaner and valve covers, if they add. Guess on shipping to NY? Thanks Dave
    Howff ·
    Hey Gordon
    I have your champ oilpan for 302 how much oil without filter does it hold I have 6 qts now
    Thanks Howard
    Gordon Levy ·
    Thanks Joe, We will get together at some point. Please feel free to ask questions about your car. It would be cool to see it again.
    Viking Joe ·
    Sorry I missed you on Sat but 1 day's notice was to little short notice for me to change some things around. I was really looking forward to meeting you and having you see the car again after all these years. Maybe some time you will venture up near the LA area and we will hook up.
    My main question was what year Mustang did you use as the donor and are the front and rear brakes off of a 93 Mustang, you told me once and I seem to recall something about the rearend being out of a Lincoln but I lost the info you gave me.
    My car is FFR1130 you built for Bill Randoll of La Jolla when you owned Southwest Specialty in Fresno.
    Again I am looking forward to meeting you at some point in time.

    Thanks Joe
    Ron FFR1738 ·
    Gordon, I'd like more info about your setup of the Mustang. How much lower does the car sit? Dopes your's take care of the high butt on the Mustang? etc.
    Thanks, Ron
    RonnieP ·
    Thanks for the replie.There is nothing wrong with the shocks
    I was just curious why they would say to use 300# springs on konis
    that have the same sperical bearing.
    Gordon Levy ·
    I have had people run as high as 1200lb springs on my shocks and they are rated to be able to control up to 1500lbs of spring rate. Most spherical bearings have much high load ratings than that.
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