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  • Dr Pain ·
    Hi Gordon , Dave Latora here, I have a question on the SBC engine mount adapters on the 33 HR? I'm not real happy with how they change the geometry. I have a 427 /575 HP going in and am concerned about twisting of the mounts! Have you seen any problems on the? I have a spare engine torque limiter from Art Morrison,,, think it might be necessary? Thoughts
    Thanks for the time,
    Ron J ·
    Hi Gordon,
    I am building the FFR Type 65 Coupe (2nd Gen) No. 715.
    I noted on the FFCars Forum you stated that the coupe uses an 86 Jag XJS Windshield, which I find interesting. I have a couple of questions for you:
    1. Does the Gen 2 and Gen 3 coupe use the same windshield.
    2. Will the windshield gasket for this windshield fit the coupe. The assembly manual says the windshield can be installed with our without the gasket, any comments?
    Thanks ahead for your help.
    Atlantacobra ·
    Hello Gordon. I sent you a message last week asking for a status on the door panels, but haven't heard anything back from you. Can you tell me if you've shipped them and when they are expected to arrive? Thank you
    Atlantacobra ·
    Hey Gordon. Looking forward to the new panels getting here. Thanks again;
    couple of quick questions:
    What size screws do you recommend to install the panels? I certainly don't want to go through the other side.
    Am I just going to run the screws through the leather panels or do you mount them from inside a flap or pocket?
    Larrys109 ·
    Gordon, I recently added a supercharge to my coupe and now I blew my Transmission. I'm thinking of replacing with the tko 600. Should I also change the stock bellhousing and flywheel for safety or will stock be ok? thanks
    bsmith ·
    Fast says its interference. It seems strange that it took a year and a half to show up.
    did you put fuel pump eccentric in the engine ?
    dale ·
    Gordon, is this a good synthetic Power steering fluid?


    If not, could you recommend some. please?
    blucalrguy ·
    Hello Gordon, You asked me if I had any saleen parts left from my donor car. I have the racecraft springs, are you interested?
    bsmith ·
    Install is almost done . My only question so far is which MSD Diagram do I use for the box ?
    Thanks for getting it to me
    bsmith ·
    Can you call me tomorrow. My cell phone is 814-952-0897 and my store number is 814-938-6363. Thanks
    bsmith ·
    I have a ford racing 306 with an old school Paxton supercharger, I have a MSD Atomic on it and I can't get it to work right with the supercharger. Will the fast efi work with a supercharger ? Is it simple to tune ? It has a msd dist with box.
    Thanks Brian
    venomous ·
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    ... guess it would be a good idea to update the tranny as well ... recommendations? And for the rear end, I have 3:27 gears, is it worth going up to the 3:55s?
    Anyways, I'm hoping you can help get me pointed in the right direction. Many thanks in advance!

    Sorry for the long message!
    venomous ·
    Msg 2 of 3
    My goal is around 320-350hp at the crank, and keep it reliable and a good cruiser. I am thinking of getting into autocross, so like the idea of keeping some low end torque, and a good HP curve with high average HP, not as worried about max HP. From research I like the AFR 165's, but am looking for a cam and intake combo, and direction on other parts to change ... likely tb, MAF, injectors? ... unless you have another idea for a set up. I'm not a motor guy, and busy at work, so I'll have to find someone in Houston to do the work for me (you know anyone here?). My budget is around $4k ... but I could go higher if it was a good bang for the extra bucks. I'm not too interested in forced air, I like NA. Oh yah, I have a stock T-5 that is still solid (around 75k on it and the engine)
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