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  • glenn somers ·
    Thanks again for this great site. I just sold my C-6 33 to a fellow who owned a corvette shop and he will be doing the finish work on the body and tune the suspension. I will keep my other FF 33 with the LS2 and Currie 9: rear. i just built the C-6 to see if I could. It came out great and drives quite well.With some fine tuning it should really be a cool car. Carmen the new owner would like to join this site and post some pics of what he will do. If you could please send him an E-mail and let him know how he can get on the site. [email protected] Thanks in advance Glenn Somers build 663
    jbussey ·
    Car #357 Jake bussey i am 18 years old and after two years the car is now on the road and driving for the first time. From Sandpoint Idaho.
    bapa10 ·

    Is there a preferred method for including photos with posts on the forum? I understand some are using Photobucket and Flickr, but I see both thumbnails and larger photos being posted as well that seem to be sourced elsewhere. I usually access the forum via Safari and have been successful with a few thumbnails, but I appreciate the detail in the photos that have the "resized" header at the top. Appreciate any suggestions or direction. Thanks.

    hotrodneil ·
    My 33 is due here in a few weeks. I did the Mott build school. I am considering the 2 1958 chrysler 392 hemis in my garage as power. Fits I know, BUT- headers under the body? Huggers maybe? Engine and tranny mounts? How is yours doing? How hard was the fabrication? I am working near you in a month. Is your 392 33 there?

    thanks neil
    JoeHeren ·
    hello Geoff,
    #275 has been both, first start and go carted back mid april. soon it will be ready for paint.
    thanks Joe Heren
    hotrodneil ·
    Hi Geoff,

    I see an owner of the 33 hotrod lives in Gainesville. I am considering a purchase, but will not do it until I can see the quality of the product. Can you give me an email or contact info of that or any other owner in North Florida, or central florida.

    Neil Rashba Photography
    904 273 0388
    Neil Rashba Photography - Jacksonville and Southeast Architectural, and Commercial Interior Photography.
    jonathanch ·
    Hi Geoff
    My name is Jon and I am planing to order a 33 Hot Rod kit in the next month or so. I was looking at your map of 33 owners in the So Florida area where we are spending Feb and March. I sent a PM to Robboy #195 but could not find any contact information on the forum for Jim #179 or Larry Deitler #381. Could you put me in contact with them so I might find out about there builds. You can e-mail me at [email protected] or PM on the forum. Thanks in advance.
    eschmidt155 ·
    Are you still looking at Thunder Roadsters? I have built 3 Hayabusa powered TR's and looking to sell the one I just built. I attached a video on me YouTube - ‪Hayabusa Thunder Roadster Homestead‬‏ at Homestead in the 1st car I built. Scott McKay knows me, I run NASA TT in FL. Let me know if you are still interested. Eric 954-815-2210
    cjmccall ·
    Please add my kit to the registry. Kit #235 received 7-26-2010. I am building this car with a SBC, 700R4 trans, 8.8 Ford 3:73 rear axle. Thank you, C.J. McCall West Bloomfield,Mi. I will try and post some pictures of installation when I figure out how.
    Blown 33 ·
    I received my car to Kreater on April 8th, and was wondering how I find out what number it was / is. What can I provide you to make your life easier.
    Slim Pickins ·
    I'm just learning how to use this forums stuff - I really appreciate your note and pretty certain it going to do the trick - thanks again !!
    mcdepa01 ·
    Geoffav- I am very interested in viewing a 33 hot rod kit in person and see that the closest owner to me is located in central iowa, looks like des moines area. Do you have anymore information available about this owner, like a way that i can contact them to see if I could at some time view the car or project at whatever stage it is at? Please let me know either way.

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