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  • edwardb ·
    Second question: (required separate because of 1000 character limit)

    As far as trimming the wheel well openings, well I would say two things. First the entire body perimeter and openings including the wheel wheels needs to be cleaned up, straightened, etc. It's cut pretty rough from the factory. I straightened all the edges, put a slight radius on them, etc. In addition to looking better, makes it easier to handle without cutting up your hands. As fare as the wheel wells themselves, many try to duplicate the rolled edges of the original Cobras, where the aluminum around the wheel wells was rolled around a small radius hoop of some kind. So I trimmed it back a bit, sanded it round a little, and then filled the backside will filler. All trying to somewhat duplicate the look. Certainly not mandatory, but I does look slightly more authentic without the raw edge of the fiberglass showing.

    Hope this helps and answers your questions.

    edwardb ·
    Hi Chris. Thanks for the compliment. I'm really happy with how the build is turning out as well. Lots of work over the past two years...

    Regarding your questions:

    The small bracket in the trunk on the pass side of the fuel tank mounting is apparently for certain tanks and years. In some cases the lower mount is used, in other cases the upper. I have an 87-93 Mustang tank in my build, and the upper mount wasn't required. I too asked about it a year or more ago, and received multiple responses to remove it, which I did. Covered it up with a small plate, and now it's carpeted over and gone. It's not a big deal, but if you don't need it certainly doesn't hurt to remove and cleans up the trunk a little.

    See next message for your second question.
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