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  • SJDave ·
    Nothing new from Herman yet....I guess the Club Cobra guys are having trouble coming up with a plan...stay tuned.

    Hey, did you see John Lipkas post on his paint job? On the Main Forum,,,I saw it Friday night, it looks great. If you ever get around to doing nicer paint, this guy is inexpensive and good. Just not great on schedule, you have to ride his ass like John did.
    SJDave ·
    Yeah, sounds like it will be a blast....Jay Leno speaking maybe??? WOW!! So far Herman from Sunnyvale and maybe Jeff Riley who lives across San Tomas from me are planning to meet up around 7am and go to breakfast and then head over to the Mercury News around 8:30...going to be alot of cool cars to take pictures of and talk to owners. Presentation starts at 10...minute of noise at 10:40. If you want to meet at my house at 7am and go with us that is fine....that is early early for you though....plans may change though, there is talk about a bunch of Cobras heading somewhere for lunch AFTER the event and not having a breakfast before...Herman is pretty active with Club Cobra guys (mostly Superformance and Kirkham members) and will most likely hang with them.... so we may leave later and go to lunch instead. Herman is kind of leading the pack here, he invited me to go with him. I keep you in the loop as the week goes on if you want to hang with us.
    shackf16 ·
    Sorry, forgot the address part. Culla Yarborough, 9420 N Mantis Way, Tucson AZ 85742. If you can let me know the shipping I will send you the credit card info. Thanks again.
    shackf16 ·
    Here is the message to follow up on the phone call this afternoon about the Explorer GT-40P heads, intake, etc. Let me know how you want to receive payment. I have a stack of parts waiting to go on, and this will be the last stuff I need before pulling the body and getting to work.

    prezucha ·
    Hello Freddie! Just going through the forums and found your post. I am the guy who stopped by your house about 2 weeks ago when you were working on your car! Hope you are making progress on your ffr! All the best! Paul
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