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    Hello David
    Could you please respond to request to post parts for sale. Is their a reason I do not have this permission?

    PharmDUT ·
    I would like to post a "wanted" thread. Can you help me with that. When I try to post a new thread I am denied permission.

    alan7407 ·
    I own a Superformance, and also know a number of FF owners. I am trying to sell my Serpent Express trailer, but when I try to post, it says I don't have permission.
    Can you help me out with this, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Cone Basher ·
    Mr. Bordon: How do I delete a post on the classifieds or mark it as sold. I'm new to selling stuff on the classifieds and the 13 in front brake set up I posted has been sold.
    James460 ·
    Subject line in thread needs to be changed. How do I do it?
    Car Show Tualatin Sat. the 10th - Clark's Lumber needs to be the 17th, not the 10th
    2007mustang ·
    Good Morning Dave, I'm a new member and am 66 years old. My son and I would like to find a unfinished roaster kit and finish building it. I have posted more than 20 posts, but the system will still not let me post a "Wanted Ad". What else do I need to do?
    Cone Basher ·
    Dave or the moderator that did this. Meaning no disrespect I'm still waiting for someone to respond as to why my post about "fuzz" in the fuel filter has been locked. These bits seem to be small pieces of the foam that I'm thinking got ground of by all my fuel sloshing around in Auto-X they are intact bits and do not seem to be Ethanol related. I'm just after info here about how to fix this.
    Cone Basher ·
    Why did you (or someone ) close my thread about the "fuzz" in my fuel filter. Always try to help on the forum, I'm just looking for suggestions. I mean no offense to anyone so what's wrong here?
    I'm stumped.
    Daniel Dinverno ·
    Hi Dave,

    Its been years since I've contacted you. Hope all is well.
    I bought a GTM partially done here in the Detroit area, and looking at various posts I saw that you were involved in supplying a wiper motor mount /fluid cannister back then. By chance do you have one left on the shelf that you can sell me?

    Nathan ·
    Hello David:
    I heard that you have previously engaved some valve covers for the Daytona. Was wondering if you could send me the file / font / logo so I could engrave some myself. I run a CNC machine shop, so I am able to handle the engraving part fine. Just need to know the font, etc. I use GibbsCAM if it matters. Thanks, Nathan. [email protected]
    CeesDoets ·
    Hi David,
    I see you are a moderator.
    I made a lessons learned rapport. Can I post it in the FFR FAQ?
    Since it is general, I am not sure where to post it.
    Can I send it to you for a review?
    [email protected]
    hall1836 ·
    Hello, have an ad in For Sale section re Midstates Cobra, can you edit the ad to read "PHOTOS ADDED". Thanks for your time.
    David, I think I saw a post that you were looking for a tubular GT-40 intake. If this message in in error please disregard. I have someone that has a polished upper for sale if you're interested. Mike
    Dalton ·
    Hello David. I have completed my GTM build, doing everything suggested from the build site from skid system to pulley adjusters. Car runs strong, 509 HP with GT2, levelled, aligned, A/C, remote locks, a few extras. Going into paint now. Would like to thank you and Shane and Russ and a few of the veterans for helping me through the site. Would love to send some photos. Also, am very interested in building GTM's for customers up here in Canada. Of course I would need someone like you to endorse my work, and you dont know me. Looking for some advice [email protected]
    Bill Hughes ·

    I’ve been following your work with interest as related to Steering axis inclination. I have a MKII roadster with Fox spindles set to the following:

    Camber: 1 degree neg camber
    Caster 3 degrees pos
    Toe: 0

    Rear (IRS)
    Camber: 1 degree neg camber
    Toe ¼ inch toe IN

    If I go to your SAI mod with SN95 spindles, what is the total delta or change in SAI? What is the total change in roll center from where I am now with the Fox spindles?

    As a side note, the car has 245-45-17 tires in front
    275-40-17 tires in the rear

    I take it that as an end result; I will have LESS tire load change inside to outside due to cornering load, and greater suspension loading inside to outside.

    Do I understand this correctly?

    Thanks in advance!
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