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  • Eric B ·
    Hey, how's the build going ? I'm off Mon,Tue,wed. I'd love to come by and check it out,I'll bring some coffee over. Can't wait for the weather to break,it's gettin close. I pretty much finished the car,just installed the sidevents and emblems.
    Gimme a call, hope all else is well.
    daveh702 ·
    Hi, I hope someone can help me I am buying my husband Dave some Christmas presents and I have no idea ? is his chaise #. I am buying him a sweatshirt does he have i build roadster FFR- ???? or a i build type 65 coupe?? Any suggestions. Thank you for your help, Laura
    Eric B ·
    Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude and not return your call, Just been busy busy at work. Tons of OT, Getting ready to graduate this week. Call me tomorrow 960-5497.
    Sorry again, see you soon, Hope the build is going well.
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