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  • mcwho ·
    Hello Darren,
    I see that you responded to a poll I did in 2009 that you said you were gonna paint it yourself. Well I cannot see spending upwards of 4k or so for paint, my son and I are gonna paint it outselves.

    are you happy w your results..?

    I am gonna put one of those portBle garages in the yard and do the paint threre.

    Sapper 3 ·
    I've seen a pic you posted in 2011 with your canton expansion tank on the drivers side "F" panel area. I've acquired the same tank. Question. I see the overflow hose from the cap go to the cross member and then I'm guessing it goes to the bottom canton tank fitting, yes? Then you have a relief valve showing on the back left of the canton tank, yes? Is there also a hose on the back right of the canton tank? If so what's that for? Thank you.
    Mike Smoker ·
    Darren, I read somewhere you put the Hawk pads in your car. Just wondering how you like them. I have the manual brake setup yhat comes with the complete kit, and they are scary. Just looking for input. Thanks, Mike
    bobcat ·
    Hi Darren-just mailed those out - cost was $ 4.16 total - hey you helped me out too, now my shop has a little less clutter-wanna plastic battery box??? just kid'n. you should get wed/thursday, non-priority mail was same speed but cheaper- Bob Newmon P.O. Box 543 Brinnon, Wa. 98320
    Darren ·
    Hi Bob, you can send a PM to a moderator on the forum or report a post. If you wanted to discuss a problem person I'd think a PM to a moderator would be appropriate. I tried to keep my distance from him but he immediately attacked everything I said, not sure what his problem was. Another member reported his posts and they deleted much of the conversation as a reaction. I'm ok with that as well.

    Thanks for contacting me. I was wondering if I was being unreasonable but had to defend myself as well... I just can't sit idle when someone makes personal attacks, maybe I need to practice more restraint :)
    bobcat ·
    Hi Darren- I was searching for moderater or forum complaints-any idea how to file one or is it a waste of my time. I go on the forums to have a good time-not listen to this frier tuck jerk made nasty name calling remarks, complaints about a vendor are sure scolded-this seems much worse-and as you stated this bozo wis only brave at a distance. thanks buddy-enjoying the shop progress your building too- Bob
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