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  • JRCuz ·
    I'll press on taping the other holes and go slower. If you don't mind welding my column that would be great. When ever you can do it is fine. Let me know and I'll need your addr.
    Thanks, Jerry
    CraigS ·
    % of 6 will be fine. Just super glue the snapped end in place so it looks normal. I can do the weld but the shaft and parts would need to come to my house so may not be worth it.
    JRCuz ·
    I got it figured out but now much bigger problem. An adapter comes in the kit that requires drilling and taping. Mark even supplies the drill and tap. Well I managed to snap the tap off in the first hole. I got a new tap but have to get the broken one out. I thought of just going with just 5 rather than 6 screws to mount the steering wheel. Also have to get a splined adapter welded to the steering shaft.
    JRCuz ·
    Craig, do you have any experience with the Breeze steering wheel quick release? I got one and it is difficult to figure out. Not much info when I did a search. Thanks.
    JRCuz ·
    Craig, I was just thinking (which is dangerous) if you think we might need a timing light tomorrow I don't have one.
    JRCuz ·
    Hi Craig, any chance you could come down next week Tues/Wed? I'm still having that "belching" when I turn the ign off. I've tried dropping the idle rpm but my attempts haven't worked. After warm-up it idles around 1100 rpm. I have even disconnected the
    mechanical throttle linkage with no improvement.
    Thanks, JR
    fernando ·
    Hello CraigS, good night, I´m looking at the beautiful silver rodster you have in you avatar picture, love that double hump hardtop.
    Do you have more pics from the side and the rear? thinking about making my own, does it cover the original lengh rollbar?
    Thank you,
    Riverboy ·
    Do you have any suggestions for a muffler/exhaust build to appease the 92db limit at my local track?

    Thanks for ANY suggestions.

    jlkaufman ·
    Do you still have the rear donor shocks that you mentioned. Are they from a Fox body? How much do you want for them? Let me know, as I may be interested. Thanks, Jeremy Kaufman
    My email here at work is [email protected]
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