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  • gary715andy ·
    Can you send me a pic of your custom transmission mount plate. Also how much higher is the transmission spline than the center of pinion flange? I’m about 1/2 inches higher now and am a little concerned

    [email protected]
    SML ·
    Hi Dave,
    My coupe has been on the back burner for quite some time. I dropped it off at Brads Custom Auto for the last six months and they are finally going to align the suspension and last but not least get the engine running on their dyno. I just sent an e-mail off to Wayne @ Very cool parts to discover that he recomends tossing the new SDS ECU and buying a Redline or Electromotive system instead. Ug! The engine is a 408W with a Race-Tec stack. Any thoughts on the subject? I really couldn't find anybody else that is expirenced with this rig and these guys at least specialize on Mustangs and Corvettes. I can't believe 10 years has almost passed and the car has traveled a total of one block. Steve
    jmwdl ·
    Hi I Jon and am a veterinarian in Florida! I am considering buying a MK4 from FFR and wanted to get some input from you.
    Paul Best ·
    August 25, Hi Howard, I posted a picture for you on your invitation post page. I am still not very good at getting around on the forums. I thought you would like the picture. Regards, Paul
    cobra willy ·
    I was looking through the forum for a name this weekend and saw that Cobra DVM was taken. I am a veterinarian in southern California building a Mark IV. I started building in June and almost a go-cart.
    Just thought I would say hello.

    Bill Grant aka "cobra willy"
    PS Maybe we should start a veterinary cobra association,LOL
    morleidre ·
    Re: Gas fill pipe:
    I didn't get your replay as my PM box was full. If you want to communicate via email address (dmorrinatcogecodotca) it may be easier.

    Thanks Peter
    UrQ ·
    Thanks for the oval transmission hole cover. I live in Kirkland and work @ microsoft in Bellevue so where might be a place we could hook up?
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