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    I am in the immediate market for a GTM. Could you please send some more pics of the interior? Do you have any youtube or mpegs of it?

    Can you give me some more engine data and horsepower info also? I am burned out at flying in to look at other peoples' GTMs so I kinda need to depend on pictures, video and spec sheets.

    [email protected]
    Taz Rules ·
    Hey ChevyChad
    I have to do this via pm because I'm not a vendor. But I have done some photoshop work for a few of the guys....Kalstar, Fraser D, and Mike DeGuire to name a few. I take photos that they send me and make virtual mods in Photoshop so they can see what it would look like. Different paint, moving vents around, changing interiors and hood scoop options. You get the idea

    If you would like to do something like this before you start cutting glass, contact me at [email protected]

    my website is Phoenix Artwork and Design - Welcome
    there are a couple of examples in the gallery

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