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  • Hogan1975 ·
    Just checking if you received a message this morning from me about those brakes? I sent nine photos and a message about them from my phone using Tapatalk app. Went to check tonight and the app doesn't show the sent message. Let me know if you didn't receive it.

    Chepsk8 ·
    The shipping cost will probably exceed 1/4 the value of the package, is it worth it, a tough call. It ultimately depends on what you want. The tires are 10 years old, and there is much better tire technology available since then. The wheels themselves are the main item here.

    If you want to pass, I do have a local buyer ready.
    Steve Collins ·
    I need to ask a question, are the tires worth shipping? if they are less than 60%
    It would be cost prohibitive to ship wore tires. Don't you agree. Steve
    Steve Collins ·
    Do you have any pics posted with tires?
    I get my funds last week of DEC Thanks
    As for shipping what do you think shipping to 63132
    might be? STEVE
    Steve Collins ·
    I was told to inquire if you still had a set of 15 5 lug halibrand replica wheels for sale and if they would work on a MKII. thanks Steve
    EdNaples ·
    I can not remember cycles. I will get some pictures to show wear. I am in Naples FL but may be able to get tires to VIR on the 22nd and then up to Mark Dougherty in Hershey.
    EdNaples ·
    I have 6 710's in good shape. 4 are on MB wheels. I was saving for enduros. However, I am going to sell #60 and focus on #85. We use Hoosier slicks for it. I may be able to get to Mark or FFR this month. Would like $150 for tires and $350 for wheels.
    USMC ·
    Dan, Did I send out an email on the April breakfast? So far you are the only one to have signed up.

    Bongo Bob ·
    greetings cheap ! love the bumper sticker ! I was reading the forum today and was wondering if you had any basic info or pics of where to start. I have the FFr aluminum spoiler but after 150 it's 2 hands full. Thanks Bob
    dagall ·
    Hi, I see you have the PSE GT40's with Yoko's. How are they doing for you? I have them as well and get a vibration at highway speeds. Have you had any issues with this?

    Thanks, dagall
    Tony LaBoy ·
    Hi Dan,

    I will be heading up to Easton PA for a miata club meeting at the Red Robin on Sunday. I'll can bring the T5 with me. Will you be around? I'll give you a call this evening to make better arrangements to meet up.

    Max ·
    Hi Dan,
    Please resend me the info. on the racing school and an update on your car. It was nice meeting you and all the other car owners on Sat.
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