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  • Roy Hewson ·
    Hi Bob, You will get 100 different views on that question. I,m running a 347 @ 425hp, 400 ft lbs. It is very much enough for zip. It makes you smile and shit at the same time. It seems to be a good match for the traction dept as it hooks up real well with the 335/17 rears It also fits in the hood but very tight. I had considered 351 variants but chose not to go the way because of the height problem and also and additional 70 lbs up front. I had my engine built by a performance co., but if I was to do it again I would go to Mike Forte and buy the entire set up from him with the Tremec with the mid shifter. The midshifter is what I have now but mike with one stop shopping and a guy to talk to would be much more direct. He helped me out even though I didn't buy it from him. There as many different variants of the 347. you can go fron 330HP up to I think about 475. Have fun---it can be a great decisions process and fun
    Bob-STL ·
    Hey fellas,
    Give me your ideas on engines. I'm still in the planning stage. I'm thinking a crate engine for a Daytona Coupe build. No racing. Mostly driving around the street. Want to keep it simple. But also want the "wow" factor when you start and drive. :yes: Also, like the car to have some zip (or potential for zip).
    Give me your ideas on engines, horsepower, and vendors. Thanks.
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