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  • billy-s ·
    I noticed that your profile says that you were an IT manager. In my former life I was a COBOL, DB2, CICS mainframe programmer. Wondering if you were into mainframes or was it PC based systems?
    billy-s ·
    Thanks again. I did get one bolt from Mike and will try to do what you have done. Thanks for the rapid response.
    edwardb ·
    Hi Bill. Do you mean this picture? .

    Yes, the bolt heads are in the slot in the part from Mike. The bolts go through the clutch arm and are bolted on the other side. I honestly don't remember what size bolts those are and no easy way to get under the car right now to check. I'd guess they're 5/16 or maybe 3/8. BTW, Mike only provided one bolt. I added the second. The part is captured in the clutch arm, but I still felt better with two bolts. I hope this answers your question. And you're welcome for whatever help I could provide in the past.

    Paul B. (EdwardB on forum)
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