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  • barrhavencobra ·
    I was thinking about Daytona, but am not, was thinking about getting everyone together at a restaurant but have not been able to find somewhere to go. I am thinking about maybe coordinating a lunch for ffr guys next weekend ... my mother has some issues so I try to fly to visit here every month or so , so I am not sure what weekend I am going to ...are you good for a lunch the first weekend of March ..? You good for a beer after work this week? Likley could make a beer around 530 or 6?
    rvander ·
    Hi, I am another Barrhavenite, and I have been looking at getting myself cobra. I have been in contact with Al from western Canada Cobras and he has sent me the information about ordering a base kit, and I have an other friend that is looking forward to going scrap yard hunting next spring with me. but before I actually start to lay out money for this I would like to actually have a seat in one. At 6'3" I have not been able to find a convertible sports car that I can fit into. Would it be possible for us to get together so I can try this? I would truly appreciate it
    Rod Vanderzalm
    barrhavencobra ·
    Hello Neil.
    I had mine brought in, however another buddy from Ottawa went and got his and the $ he saved from doing that (which I paid someone for) paid for his vacation. Really just a question of having time and some flexibility with waiting for TC to approve paper work.
    topples ·
    Hi, I also live in Ottawa and am looking into purchasing a FFR Cobra. Did you purchase you car direct from FFR or did you use western cobras?
    I know its not too far of a drive so i'm not sure what to do.
    Neil Paquette
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