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  • dale ·
    Hi Henry, Dale Thomas here ("Dale" on the forum). Jeff Kleiner said I should touch base with you as you are building a Gen 3 Coupe. I've got 2 Roadsters under my belt, a Mark II Base Kit and a MK4 Complete kit. Will sell the MK4 shortly and order a Gen 3 Complete kit for a Coyote (again). Just wondering how's it going and has relying on a Gen 2 Build Manual been an issue? And, have you run across any "after-market" parts that it makes sense to use rather than the kit-supplied parts. Any "revisions" you have seen folks do that add to comfort or ease of build?

    Cheers, Dale
    aventador ·
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    W_O_T ·
    I saw your post: I call for AC and the compressor turns on for about 5 seconds and shuts down. I then put 12 volts to the compressor manually and she blows very cold air and the pressures are right where they want to be. I pull the 12 volts off and the compressor shuts down. Henry

    I have the same problem and didn't see your answer- I was hoping you have advice. With HP Tuners, or putting 12V to corvette ECU AC request the AC works and functions normally. With Vintage air, when I turn the heater dial to AC and the blue light comes on, the AC request relay from Vintage air closes and requests AC (which works). Then 5-10 seconds later the vintage air request relay opens and turns off the AC. If I wait, it will cycle back on every few minutes for a few seconds, but only at max AC. Otherwise it doesn't appear to come back on. Did you ever find your problem, or is it normal for the vintage air system to cycle the AC like this?


    Cakeman 13 ·
    Henry, thank you for the wheel it looks great. Now, I need a address to send you a check how much should I make it out for? By the way that 67 mustang was sold for 30k thanks again Jack
    A Cobra guy ·
    Good day Henry,
    Harvey here (A Cobra guy). I was wondering if you are in Florida at the moment. I'm top bidder on a car on ebay and some local eyes would help me know if it's worth going forward. It's in the Tampa area. I know FL is a big state so you may not be anywhere near it. Call if you'd like, my cell is 603-438-0373. Or I'll keep an eye on PM's
    I hope all is well with you.
    beretta ·
    I was looking at your '33 on the FFR slide show home page and was curious as to what size the tires and wheels, width and back spacing are. I asked this on the forum and got a reply from Jack..MACZTER. He suggested I contact you. I want the option of fenders in the future.

    Thanks In advance
    65 Cobra Dude ·
    Hey Cyril - I have not been to Foxboro yet but plan on going at least once. I replied to your PM with my email and phone number.
    Mr. C ·
    Hi Henry,
    Long time no speak. Hope all is well.
    Do you know anything about the Cobra meetings in Foxboro at Patriot Place ?
    Are you going ?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    dale ·
    Mike Forte said he sold a Vintage Air PS/AC Coyote bracket to you. How did it work out? Are you running hydroboost brakes by any chance?
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