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Since my build thread died many moons ago when Photobucket broke the internet, I haven't had a dedicated thread to post updates. As I'm getting closer to first start, I thought I would create an update thread to share things.

I've been working 3 to 4 hours in the shop almost every night the last month or so. As I said in another post, this second 1/3 of the build is taking much longer than the first, with many questions/issues to sort through and things to figure out.

So far the engine is in and the engine compartment is fully wired and tidied up. Just a few battery connections to make in the rear and I'll be testing electrical. Fuel and cooling systems are basically done, though I have a Boig upper rad hose on the way. It's very close to first start; I need to add all fluids including bleeding the brakes. I also need to get it on its feet and set the pinion angle now that the driveshaft is in.

I had mounted the Breeze seat wedge bases back when I had the body on, so I threw in the seats, mocked up the harnesses, and even temporarily mounted the door to see how I would fit at 6'2", 240lbs. Not too bad with the seats all the way back.

I'll eventually get around to ordering some black stainless machine screw and finish washers to tone down the dash mounting screws a bit.

I had the interference with the clutch pedal and frame that I hadn't fully addressed until this point. I'm not a welder, so I went with the cut-and-bolt support route I've seen others do. I cut 5/8" keystock plugs to fit inside the 3/4" tubes on either side of the cut, and secured through that to a solid 5/8" support bridging the cut. It's very solid, though I may end up adding another bolt.

The non-adjustable pedal and FFR firewall spacer created a very high clutch pedal and a bit too much preload on the throw out bearing for my taste, so off to Summit I went. My firewall clutch cable adjustor and adjustable Ford cable came in the other day, so I got those installed and dialed in. I was able to get the pedal height equal with the brake pedal, though I'm near the end of the adjustment on the fork side of the cable. Preload is now spot on.

I'll need to check tomorrow and see how the end of the cable in the quadrant clears the footbox frame. I'll likely have to clearance the hole a bit more since I'll have more pedal travel now.

I couldnt find a good mounting location for the stock clutch cable bracket while keeping a smooth radius on the cable, so I fab'd a very simple support from the 3/4" tube to hold the the cable a bit further away from the headers.

That's it for now. More to come.

MKIV Complete Kit(order placed: 4/5/16; order completion: 5/14/16; delivered: 5/24/16): 3-link, PC, cutouts, vintage gauges, glove-box dash, chrome roll bars; 17" wheels, B/T leather seats, wind wings/visors sourced during separate 50/50 sale; side pipes and headers sourced through Gan-n
First start: 6/22/19
Drive train: Levy 408w w/carb, TKO600, Moser 8.8 with 3.55s and GT rear brakes
Paint Plan: Under consideration (probably dark grey/titanium with silver stripes)

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