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Originally Posted by edwardb View Post
Iíve now received my Coyote engine, so lots to share there. But first a bit of unfinished business on the IRS. I know there are many options, but I chose to fill with the exact Ford recommended gear lube and friction modifier. Didnít see the Motorcraft products on the shelf at any of my local parts stores, so stopped at the local Ford dealer. He said they donít normally stock the 75W-85 weight. I mentioned that was specified by Ford for the 2015 Mustang IRS, and he responded they havenít replaced the gear lube in too many of those yet. OK I guessÖ Anyway, he ordered what I needed. At the same time, I ordered the Mustang vent tube for the center section. How to handle the vent isnít mentioned anywhere in the FF instructions. The Mustang piece is maybe a little too long, but has the right size right angle connecter to plug onto the center section, and then a plastic vent at the other end, similar to the metal vent used on the 8.8 solid axle Iím familiar with. Once the stuff arrived, I put the first quart of gear lube in, then the 3+ ounces of friction modifier, and then topped off ending up using about 3.3 pints as specified. Once again I was reminded how much that friction modifier stinks! (My wife noticed very quickly as well.) Took about a day for the garage to air out.

These are the products recommended by Ford. Easy enough to find in Mustang specs. Also listed at the end of the FF IRS instructions.

This is the Ford part number for the Mustang vent tube assembly. Itís only $10-12.

Just mocking up how it might be used, this is plugged onto the center section and routed over to the PS.

Iím thinking of tie-wrapping it to the fuel tank vent tube that will come up in this same area in the wheel well. Thatís where the Mustang routes it. Would be easy to shorten.

OK, now to the Coyote adventure. Some months ago when I planned and budgeted this build, using FFís Coyote instructions, other build threads, etc. I planned all the parts necessary, including of course the engine itself. I had several sources in mind to buy it from, mainly shopping price to be honest. When I was ready to click the button to purchase last week, the first place I went said ďFord Coyote M-6007-M50 no longer available, replaced with M-6007-M50A.Ē Went to a number of sites and found the same message, although some with the M-6007-M50 still available in limited quantities. Turned out what I was seeing, and I guess I must be living under a rock, is that Ford made some pretty significant changes starting in 2015, and M-6007-M50A is the 2015-2016 Coyote motor. I immediately noted it has more HP and torque, so no complaints there. Then I found they have released a brand new control pack M-6017-504V for the 2015-2016 engine, which is mandatory. The 2011-2014 engine wonít work with the new control pack and the 2015-2016 wonít work the old control pack.

So, after all said and done, I found a great price for the 2015-2016 engine, control pack, engine covers, alternator and starter package, including free lift gate home delivery, and placed my order last Thursday. After a little back and forth discussion, received notice that it shipped on Friday. Monday it was at the freight company, and Tuesday morning it was in my garage. Now thatís service! Turns out (and I didnít know any of this) Coyotes are made in Fordís Essex engine plant, which is right across the river from me in Windsor, Canada. Goes from there to the Ford Racing distribution center in Livonia, MI, also pretty close to me. So it never had very far to go. BTW, the place I bought the engine is not a forum vendor, but I recommend them. They were very interested in my project, patiently made sure I had exactly what I needed, and asked me to send a picture when itís done. Cool! PM me if you want more details.

Just a few words about the 2015-2016 Coyote engine. I am far from a Coyote expert. Iím learning as I go here. Itís rated at 430 HP and just over 400 torque. In the Roadster with the revised intake and straight tube headers, should get a good bump from those numbers. I think it will be enough. Some of the changes to the 2015-2016 engine are bigger heads and valves. Apparently similar to the Boss heads but in cast form. A revised crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, and a couple internal changes to the block. A major addition is charge motion control valves (CMCV) added to the intake manifold. This was something used before on 3V mod motors, as I understand, and one of the first performance modifications was to remove them. Ford claims these were done right on the Coyote, and get totally out of the way when open. They are supposed to provide better low-end torque without affecting high rpm power. I understand this also allowed some changes in how the variable cam timing works. All interesting stuff (I guess) but I think itís cool my anniversary edition with the latest 2015 Mustang IRS now will also have the latest Mustang powerplant. The flip side is what might be the implications of the change as I go down a path not travelled yet for these builds (that I know of). Iíll detail what Iíve found out so far. Mostly OK (I thinkÖ).

The engine arrived crated and boxed as many have seen. First time for me seeing a Coyote outside of an engine compartment. Interesting. And HUGE.

Right off the bat, noticed they added an oil cooler to the oil filter location. After checking with some other builders, confirmed thereís no way this will fit. Good news is that it was easily removed. Itís just sitting on top of the normal oil filter location with an extended adapter hold it in place. Side note: Itís a $300+ dollar part! Iím taking a run at eBay to see if the Mustang crowd will take it off my hands.

Next order of business was to get it out of the crate and up onto the engine stand. But before I did I quickly checked the fitment of my just received Quicktime bell housing. Oops! Ordered the wrong one. Good grief. Ordered RM-6060 instead of RM-6080. I amaze myself sometimes, and not in a good way. Exchange underway. I used the side motor mount bolt locations with chains and lots of towels and rags over the engine to hook it up and onto the engine stand. Had to get some metric bolts for the back of the block long enough for the stand, so yet another visit to my friends at Ace. But it mounted up OK. Just barely fit around the flywheel. It comes filled with oil, so drained that out. I didnít have any clean containers, so never really thought to save the oil. I should have! I didnít know it was 8 quarts and that it was synthetic. Put some bucks into the old oil recycle there. Oh well. Yet another lesson learned. I installed the alternator using the supplied Ford Racing kit. Very easy except the one idler wheel they provide but don't show in the instructions. Guessed it needed to replace the one already on the engine, and turns out that was right. Then turned it over and took the stock pan and pickup off and replaced with the Moroso pieces.

I would have loved to lift off that factory gasket/windage tray and peak into the innards there a little. But it was stuck in place with sealant, and I chose not to disturb it. I could see the 4-bolt mains, with the front one pretty visible. Actually I guess 6-bolt if you include the ones through the side of the block. All five are just like this. Pretty stout engine there.

After checking the pickup to pan distance using the clay method (actually plumberís puttyÖ) and finding it just over 3/8 inch (good) I installed the Moroso pan. Also added the engine mounts, just finger tight.

Hi Ed,

Just wondering if you needed to dismantle, pack and reassemble your engine mounts as noted in the Coyote install instructions?

I'm currently at this stage, however there were no spacers given with the kit.

Just an added note, im building a right hand drive version here in Australia, which has some added variations to the LHD instal. This is outlined in the RHD Coyote install instructions.
These instructions call for a spacer fitted between the mount and the Coyote on the right hand side only. I have this spacer only.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Aussie RHD Mk4 Builder..
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