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Bulkhead Changes - Brake master cylinder recess - Part 2:

Whilst I had a ready made lip on one end of the main panel, I needed to create a lip at the other end.
I don't have a vice (or for that matter a bench to fit a vice to, or anywhere for a bench, now you come to mention it. ).
So I used a small section of box section, a couple of clamps & a small lump hammer.

I just needed to move the clamps as I went along, then I had two "lips".

I then bent this panel to match the shape of the end piece I had cut out.
In the end, it was easier to do this putting 2 tabs from the end section on the inside, & 2 on the outside.

I then recycled one of the bits from my first attempt at making this recess by turning it into this.

This was my first dry fit of the way the whole recess panel will look.

I have decided to fix this to the rear of the bulkhead, instead of the front, like so...

Although it will actually sit a little higher than this, as I still need to bend the top "lip" to match the curve of the bulkhead.
I think approach will look a bit neater and also give me a few extra mm of clearance.

I then started by welding the "easy" end piece to the main recess panel.

Then I started on the curved end, welding one of the curved metal strips to the inside of the main panel & the other to the outside of it.

Then the 3rd strip went over the top of these two.

Finally the 4th strip went over the top of that and I cleaned up the welds a bit.

Although it still looks a bit Frankenstein ish on the inside.

I will clean up these welds and use some filler to smooth over the "scars".
But first I need to cut out a hole in the bulkhead and weld this into place.
That the next job on my long list of things to do.

So until next time, take care, Paul.

Given I have never tried to make anything like this before I was actually very pleased with this work.
In fact, I was so proud of the fact it was a solid panel, I took it indoors to show my wife and children!
I know all this extra work is due to problems with the kit, but I have learnt a lot more as a result.
So the silver lining to the cloud is a new self confidence in what my limited skills can achieve.
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