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Bulkhead Repairs - General:
There were so many areas that needed fixing that I had many repair projects on the go at the same time.
So rather than follow the strict timeline, I will cover the various areas from start to finish.
Hopefully this will be a bit easier to follow, but as before, some photos will hint at work in other areas.

It will come as no surprise to hear I am not trying to build a show car.
I just want to get the car on the road so I can enjoy driving it.
So the battered ex-race car "style" works for me!

Bulkhead Repairs - Windscreen Support "Holes":
Cutting the windscreen off the body shell obviously left a couple of "wounds".

Driver's Side:

Passenger side:

After cleaning up the metal around these area with my grinder, I applied some "Kurust" anti-rust treatment to the insides of the holes.
Notice my high tech way of getting at those hard to reach places...

The other end of this section can be reached from the inside of the bulkhead.
So I will extend the treatment in this area when I turn the bulkhead "upside down".

When the rust treatment was dry I sprayed some etch primer into the holes.

Next up was cutting out a couple of metal repair sections to cap these holes.
Although for some reason I don't seem to have taken any photos of them (oops).

I am sure the wind outside did not help my welding attempts, but both repair panels are in.
There are a number of holes blown through the metal that I need to come back to.

"Twilight" - No, not the teenage vampire/werewolf movies, but the time I was trying to clean up the welds.
My wife took this picture which gives you some idea...

This is what the windscreen support "holes" looked like after my grinding in the dark.

To be honest, that will do, as I will be covering the whole repair area in P40 filler (fibre glass based for better water resistance).
But first I gave the bare metal a quick wash in Kurust.

Then the filler was applied to both sides.

A rough sand down and then etch primer could be sprayed on.

This is what the "holes" now look like after their first coat of black paint.

Driver's Side:

Passenger Side:

I know these repairs look a bit "rough & ready", but they are solid and water tight which is all that matters to me.
This section of the bulkhead will be covered by the fibre glass body shell, so will never see the light of day again.
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