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Trunk Floor Repair:
The twin silencers/mufflers on my donor car were mounted to the boot/trunk floor here.

Unfortunately my alternative (& rusty) body shell had a big hole where one mount would go.

So it was time to make a repair panel and get it welded into position.
As I am still learning the dark art of welding, I wanted to be safe & not sorry.
In order to achieve this, I wanted to over lap the hole from above.
Which I hoped would support the weight of the muffler hanging down.

I made a cardboard template and found a suitable section of old Spitfire bodywork.

This piece was ideal as it already has an edge that I can use.

It didn't take long with an angle grinder to cut out the repair piece & remove all the old paint.
I also drilled some holes in the trunk floor & cleaned up the metal around the area to be repaired.

After a small bit of trimming and bending, the repair piece was good to go.

I then turned the rear arches upside down & clamped it in place.

After welding all the holes it looked like this...
( Excuse the poor photo, my camera was playing up. )

Then I turned the whole rear arches section over so I could weld the repair piece's edges to the trunk floor.
I managed to burn a few small holes through the floor while welding, but eventually the floor looked like this.

After applying an anti-rust treatment and some paint, the floor looked like this.
( The repair was never going to be seamless, but at least the paint improves the look of it. )

The gaping rust holes around the base of the wheel arches will be repaired when this section is finally fitted.
The body will be fibre glassed to both the frame work and this rear wheel arches section.
So I intend to simply extent the fibre glass across the gaps.

Next step was to apply a layer of body filler to the underside of the repair to seal the edges.
I didn't want to risk blowing more holes by welding the edge of the trunk floor to the repair piece.
( Which is why I welded through the drilled holes, away from the edges, in the first place. )

Once the filler was set and tidied up I painted the underside too and it now looks like this.

These rear wheel arches are now ready to be fitted to the rolling chassis along with the rear frame work.

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