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Rear Seat Belt Mounting Brackets - Part 1:
I am going to use a 3 point harness in the car and needed to make my own brackets.
If I was confident in my welding, this would be a very straight forward job.
But I am a welding beginner and so I wanted to build in a significant error tolerance.
In my simple view, the bigger the contact area that I welded the better.

So I wanted to use a part of the Cordite frame that would allow me to run a long line of weld along it.
This lead me to the idea of building a 90 degree bracket at this point.

This would leave me with the seat belt bolt retaining plate around here.

Please Note:
I now know this is far too low to be safe and the final position is much higher.
( Which is one of the great things about posting your build diary on line. )
But for now, I carried on in blissful ignorance...

I set up a workshop picnic area to start cutting the box section to length.

This is what I ended up with, although the edges will be angled to match the frame when welded in...

I'd picked up a bargain ion Ebay that I thought might come in useful during my build.
It is affectionately known in our house as the "Circus Tent".

Unfortunately my wife will not allow me to leave this up permanently as it is too big.
But it was was just too windy to weld outside, so I set up the tent and moved my welding stuff inside.
Mind you, with the wind hitting the sides, I did fear the whole thing might take off on me.

I built the brackets up in stages, making sure all the parts fitted as I went along.

Then I could clamp the final pieces together to continue welding.

Eventually I had both of my some what over-engineered brackets completed.

Due to rain earlier in the day, the washing line was available as an alfresco spray booth.

Everything looked a lot better with a coat of "weldable" etch primer on it.

I also made some cardboard templates matching the shapes of these brackets.

These will be used to mark the angles required where the brackets join the framework.
But there were a few other things to deal with before I could fit these brackets...

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