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Picture of the Month Archives

Would you like to submit a photo to be considered for Picture of the Month?  Click here for more details.


January 2010

Timothy Helmick

February 2010

Jack Robertson

March 2010

Dean Collins

April 2010

Pedro Amable Redondo

May 2010

Herman Hong

June 2010

Joe Camire

July 2010

Dan Ziol

August 2010

Kennie Pagán

September 2010

Howard Robinson

October 2010

Kenneth Frank

November 2010

Arch Fonken

December 2010


January 2009

Jay Steinbarger

February 2009

Ian Hunter

March 2009

Bob Sholtes

April 2009

John LoMonaco

May 2009

Steve Dalzuffo

June 2009

Nelson Abinsay

July 2009

Steve Klestinec

August 2009

John Taylor

September 2009

Ron Everitt

October 2009

Donald Cribbs

November 2009

Mike Hollermann

December 2009

Kevin Osborn


January 2008

Sergio Trejo

February 2008

Bobby Richardson

March 2008

Peter Jankovskis

April 2008

Colby Corso

May 2008

John Cameron

June 2008

Frank Messina

July 2008

Lex Holiman

August 2008

Brian Fouts

September 2008

Bill Isaacks

October 2008

Kouros Moghaddam

November 2008

Brad Braun

December 2008

Mark Houlahan


January 2007

Trevor Bullard

February 2007

Richard Oben

March 2007

Michael Caruso

April 2007

Eric Gaudreault

May 2007

Randy Jones

June 2007

Steve Chong

July 2007

Mike Canning

August 2007

Gregory S. Marsh

September 2007

Ron DiLaura

October 2007

Walt Steele

November 2007

Michael Gentner

December 2007

David Borden


January 2006

Herb Fraser

February 2006

Allen English

March 2006

Jeff Rautenberg

April 2006

Jaime Bateman

May 2006

Factory Five Racing

June 2006

Peter Jeppsson

July 2006

Rich Bassemir

August 2006

Bud Keil

September 2006

Doug Wonderly

October 2006

Russ Thompson

November 2006

Henry H. Renaud III

December 2006

David Williamson


January 2005

Craig Merrill

February 2005

James Creasy

March 2005

Al English

April 2005

Mike DeGuire

May 2005

Ray Earp

June 2005

Bob McLaughlin

July 2005

Ken Reid

August 2005

George Halleck

September 2005

Russell Spaulding

October 2005

Mike Gentile

November 2005

Bob Jones & Mike Jones

December 2005

Charlie & Denise Murphy


January 2004

Brad Hinckley

February 2004

Rick aka: "RIKROK"

March 2004

Tim Mundy

April 2004

Michael Plesh

May 2004

Anthony DiOrio

June 2004

John Peterson

July 2004

Dave Wheeler

August 2004

Matt Hoyt and Allen Hah

September 2004

Ken Bush

October 2004

Andy Jones

November 2004

Joe D'Antuono

December 2004

Todd Hinckley


January 2003

Duane and Sherri Bertrand

February 2003

feb2003.jpg (173810 bytes)
Todd Buttrick

March 2003

John Phillips

April 2003


May 2003

Pete M

June 2003

Arnold Leong

July 2003

Rick (aka Cemi)

August 2003

Jim Hycner

September 2003

The Torres brothers, Damian and Donny

October 2003

James Olson

November 2003

Al Adkins - raceral

December 2003

Larry Johnson


January 2002

Jan2002.jpg (43663 bytes)
"Mr. Potato Head"
Larry Davi

February 2002

feb2002.JPG (195710 bytes)
Douglas DiNunzio
Billerica, MA

March 2002

march2002_sm.jpg (15747 bytes)
John Bryant
Cade Cod

April 2002

april2002.jpg (25929 bytes)
Owner: Len Hintergardt  aka Hula Master

May 2002

may2002.jpg (360689 bytes)
Owner: Lee Tilton aka Teamfour

June 2002

june2002POM.jpg (153400 bytes)
Edwin Velarde

July 2002

july2002.jpg (146222 bytes)
Olli Hempel

August 2002

aug2002.JPG (62111 bytes)
The Yellow Sumarine
Earl Groce
Advance, NC

September 2002

Glenn DiOrio ("weendoggy")
Aptos, California

October 2002

13180241-8d11-028001E0-.jpg (148960 bytes)
Rick (lightning)
Shreveport, LA

November 2002

nov2002_275.jpg (18553 bytes)
Bob Rego

December 2002

James Creasy

Having your car featured as an FFCars.com Picture of the Month is an honor you can't buy.  It takes a great car, good photography and some patience.   You can send us a picture to be considered for Picture of the Month, but please take a few minutes and read the guidelines carefully to be sure your photo will get the attention it deserves.


  1. Only Factory Five Racing finished cars are eligible to be considered for POM honors.
  2. No moving vehicles.
  3. No people in the photo.
  4. The background is very important. Find something interesting to use as a back drop.  Take a look at the old POM's and maybe you can come up with something similar.  Forget using a field of grass, a house, an empty parking lot, etc.  Photos with boring backgrounds get deleted first.
  5. Send us a JPG or TIF file.
  6. We need the picture to be at least 2200 pixels wide.  If you use a digital camera we have found that at least a 4 mega pixel camera is required.
  7. Please only submit 1 photo at a time.  Wait a few months before sending a new picture.
  8. After you submit your photo you may not hear from us.  It might take a year of more for your photo to show up as POM.  The better the photo, the quicker it might get picked.
  9. Please don't be offended if your car doesn't get featured as a POM. We get several entries each month and only 1 can win.

So are you ready to send us a picture? Send your photo by email to:

Picture of the Month winners are featured the FFCars.com Calendars available each year.

All pictures submitted to FFCARS.com or posted on FFCARS.com gives the rights to FFCARS.com to use your picture for any and all purposes. You also agree that any picture you submit or post is not protected by any copyright.


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