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Welcome to the FFR FAQ


The FFR FAQ (Factory Five Racing Frequently Asked Questions) is a compilation of facts and trivia, questions and answers, opinions and reviews on anything and everything relating to FFR products.  If you have a question or are looking for information, this is the place to start. Before posting on the FFCars.com discussion forum, please review the FFCars BILL OF RIGHTS.

Getting Started:

Body Buck CAD Drawings
Building a Body Buck
Build Check List
Build Information
Donor Information
Good Ideas - Part 1
Mustang Parts
Ordering Your Kit
Parts - Non-Donor Build
Picking Kits Up
Picture Gallery
How to Post Pictures to FFCars
Tools and supplies
Trucking Companies

Engine & Driveline:

289 Engines
302 Engines
351 Engines
Cam Shafts
Chevrolet Engines
Clutch Quadrant
Cooling and Radiator
Cooling - Overflow
Cylinder Heads
Drive Shaft & Pinion Info
Engine Info - Part 1
Engine Info - Part 2
Engine Mods - Part 1
Engine Trouble Shooting
Exhaust - Under Car Exhaust
Explorer Engines
Fuel System
4.6L Engines
4.6L Supercharger Belt Selection
GT-40P Heads
Independent Rear Suspension
Oil - Coolers and Relocations
Powertrain Selection
Wheel Hop Issues


Dash Wiring
Donor Harness
Electrical Trouble
Engineer Ed's Black Box
Explorer Wiring Conversion
Lights - Wiring
Painless Harness


Helpful Build Tips:

Brakes - Part 1
Brakes - Part 2
Brakes - Part 3
Brake Lines - Part 1
Brake Lines - Part 2
Brakes - Power Brakes (Grand National)
Brakes - E-Brake
Cleco Info
Dash Layout
Dash Installation and Wiring
Glove boxes
Link to Eastwood Tools
Honda S2000 Starter Button
Lights - Wiring
Modifying the Mustang Front Control Arm
Ride Height
Speedo Gear Chart
Speedometer Information
Springs - Rear adjustment
Threadserts and nutserts

Body & Paint Finishing Tips:

Body Experience by Tom
Body Finishing
Body Finishing by Street Rod Painter
Body - Finishing Touches
Dropped Butt Mod
GTM Color Selector Tool
Hood Latch Mounting
Hood Hinge
Interior and carpet
Paint and Body Work Equipment FAQ
Protecting the underside
Stone Guards
Stripe Information
Windshield Wipers

Helpful Improvements and Mods:

Comfort and Convenience
Cup Holders
Engine Mods - Part 1
Fresh Air Vent Systems
Fuel Cells and Gas Tanks
Gas pedal
Changing Gear Ratios
Hard Tops
How to: Make Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Parts
Installing AC Pedals
Rear Coil-Overs
Soft Tops
Stereo Ideas
Steering Rack
Sway bars
3-Link Suspension
Trunk Mods


Maintenance, Specs, and Performance:

Ackerman Effect
Bump Steer
Front Suspension
Front End Vibration
Ride Height Adjustment
Tires and Wheels
Wheel Gallery
Wheels Hop Issues


After-Market and Turn-Key Vendors
FFR Build Sites
Registering and Titling
Ride Height - Rear
Product Catalog
The History of Factory Five
Owners Manual - Thanks Ralph!
Speedo Gear Chart
Spy Photos!
Trailer and Towing Tips
VIN Numbers


Handling 101
Handling 102
Handling 102 - Part 2


Factory Five GTM FAQ:

Main GTM FAQ Page



This is a work in progress. We're working hard to add the content to make this the best FFR FAQ you can find, but we don't have all of the answers yet. So, until we do, please post your questions to the FFCars Discussion Forum. Once your question has been asked and answered, we may add it to the FAQ!  That's how it will grow!  Thanks!


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