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  1. question for forte's
  2. power jection
  3. I have a Rub?
  4. Throttle Linkage
  5. Cruising weather in texas!
  6. New Track Video
  7. Need to find friction modifier locally - dealership is closed
  8. Troubleshooting required - pints for solution
  9. FR rack and tie rod ends...again
  10. Rear Flexible Brake Lines missing?
  11. Lower Control Arm and Shock Fitting
  12. Problem with grease fitting front ball joint
  13. EFI Gurus enter here........
  14. Throttle cable question
  15. Suggestions for Weekend dragstrip
  16. Considering buying MK4 kit
  17. Motor wants to die
  18. hp estimate?
  19. Mk 4 Fender wheel opening edges
  20. Adjusting Clutch pedal Need your help
  21. Using a 1992 computer on a 1994 engine?
  22. Trouble pumping gas...
  23. Questions for Whitby Soft Top Owners
  24. Is this a rear entry or a front entry front seal?
  25. Issues with this Fuel Filter Mounting location?
  26. Car won't start
  27. SAI mod instructions
  28. Flexible radiator hose stinks
  29. Trunk Bling
  30. Replace front seal, Can I get a how to?
  31. New to Factory Five
  32. Bad day, crashed my car.
  33. Another Father's Day
  34. fuse box wireing
  35. Where to buy sc dash?
  36. Upper rear control arm bolt nut does not fit
  37. Is a clutch plate replacement for 8.8" doable while in car?
  38. Alternative building locations (Not in the garage attached to the house you own)
  39. help w/headlight switch
  40. Tire and ride hieght setups?
  41. Lower radiator hose solution
  42. Leak from damper?
  43. Raising Mk4 Steering Wheel - Shaft hitting 2X2 Frame
  44. First start...need help!
  45. fuel line sizing
  46. Rear Axle Hub rings
  47. Where can I find these?
  48. AAW Hazard Wiring
  49. We have paint and it's really red... Home from the painter
  50. Biggest rear brakes with 15"s
  51. Russ Thompson Turn Signal - Hi-Lo Beam Solution
  52. First Start
  53. Threw out the cable-drives and went with synchronized marine wipers!
  54. Cylinder Head Question
  55. Anybody bought the premium soft top?
  56. Should I do the cam/lifters and call it a day?
  57. Bleeding hydraulics
  58. Streetable Vic Jr Heads/Intake?
  59. What engine do you think?
  60. Northern California Kit Car Club show Sept 10th &11th
  61. If I can give one suggestion to anyone building these cars it would be......
  62. Shelby Racing Ledgends day... check this out!
  63. Thread Locker needed?
  64. "Pro Shock" Part Number???
  65. CHP vin question
  66. Oil cooler, what size fits FFR roadster
  67. Girl friend keeping my driver's seat warm while I finish up the cockpit
  68. All right You asked for it.......
  69. Couple of wiring questions (seatheat & pjIII)
  70. Oil Pressure Sending Unit
  71. Suspension issue please help
  72. Dyno tune done, numbers OK but, still not right!!!
  73. Heater hoses came off, how should I attach them?
  74. I have carpet!
  75. Willwood MC adapter
  76. Coil over question
  77. 7342 Build Log
  78. replica overeflow container
  79. E brake handle problems
  80. Rod end swaybar links
  81. Order of Assembly options
  82. another lean tipin
  83. Anyone Know The Story Here?
  84. What's it feel like to drive a roadster with 450-500hp
  85. Lean? Car Really Stinks
  86. Sloppy door hinge
  87. Roadster
  88. New Hood
  89. Anybody run across this?
  90. Have any vendors started producing 351 4 into 4s that fit?
  91. IRS pinion angle
  92. OOPS! what now?
  93. Aluminum panels
  94. Look whos build made the cover of kitcar mag
  95. Where to plug the O2 harness???
  96. Help ! Oil leak.....
  97. Newer Cobra or Autozone Reman'd Rack?
  98. Anyone recognize this car?
  99. Engine ticking after WOT start up...
  100. Garage items/tools you couldn't live without.
  101. Does anyone recognize this car??
  102. Is there a problem still?
  103. Who the heck was.......
  104. MPS AUTO axle kits?
  105. Nitrous?
  106. Who's car is this?
  107. Under Door Sill Aluminum and Carpet
  108. Hurricane Affect FF5?
  109. I-Squared issue or MSD6AL issue or ???
  110. 3 link vs. 4 link
  111. Read drum to disc upgrade question
  112. Roadster is going in for carpet, anything to look out for?
  113. IRS parts question from Russia
  114. Quick jack attack
  115. Help PULL us out of Irene!
  116. Pedal spacing question.
  117. Mk IV deckled on a Mk III???
  118. Somewhat FFR Related... Snakes To The Lake 2011
  119. ISIS with Mass-Flo EFI - anyone done it?
  120. Which to do first? PS or PB?
  121. Autometer Speedo Wonky
  122. turn signals / flash
  123. Zerk Threads
  124. The ultimate C*bra snub..."NOT a kit"
  125. Rear tires rubbing
  126. Launches fairly straight
  127. Almost done
  128. Mark 2 roadster heater/defroster
  129. What size are the holes in the Casey Design Modular dash?
  130. What parts are really needed plus a Base kit?
  131. How do I remove the metal clamp from the boot of the steering rack?
  132. More progress with my boys!
  133. New wing ads downforce to roadster
  134. Quicktime RM-6065 Bell Housing info
  135. Base kit or Complete kit?
  136. Yet another carb tuning question
  137. NAPA part number for 95 amp 3G alternator
  138. Roadster rear body half available
  139. Why is my gas leaking/spraying out!?
  140. ID this radiator
  141. 5sp from 98-99 GT...
  142. Wiring battery to solenoid to ford mini starter
  143. Motor rebuild and upgrade pics
  144. What's the trick to removing brake hose fittings?
  145. I hate my plastic reservoirs!
  146. How do I post pics from an iPad?
  147. another MSD thread
  148. Painting - Epoxy primer for a seal coat?
  149. 02 Rear axle and traction brackets
  150. BBK Headers Don't Match FR Heads
  151. Hurricane bodywork
  152. 87 lincoln parts...
  153. Is it me
  154. Passenger grab handle
  155. A basic tranny question
  156. Russ Thompson Pedal
  157. Need info on registering Factory 5 kit car in California. Smog inspection?
  158. Wind Wings/Sun Visors
  159. First drive to Mt Palomar
  160. Help with proper color codes-Wimbledon White with Blue Stripes
  161. Gas Tank Stripes
  162. Question for carb experts
  163. Alternate seat belts
  164. Body Party
  165. lifter
  166. It's Home!!!
  167. My Mark 4 is here. Fresno Ca.
  168. Speedometer Question.
  169. Have one on me...20K
  170. Fuse size for head lights??
  171. Wiring question 12v aux outlet popping fuses
  172. Where is the RPM sensor on the 5.0 302 ~1991?
  173. tank wires
  174. Camshaft suggestions??
  175. Almost ready for base coat!!
  176. Degas tank finish
  177. Somebody..I need some website schoolin..
  178. What paint would you recommend?
  179. Correct sidepipe position?
  180. Coolant surging through the upper hose after shut down.
  181. 351 w short block?
  182. MK IV 331 Stroker Injected with fuel and heat questions.
  183. What's under the steering boot ?
  184. super stiff brakes.
  185. Thanks Forte's!
  186. Another Terminator Lives!!!!
  187. FFR 4 into 4 header pics
  188. Wilwood pedals
  189. Raydots: Shiny or Brushed Aluminum
  190. 7558 First start - Coyote
  191. Holley Electric Choke Question
  192. Stupid Fuel Filter and Fitting question...
  193. got my butt painted
  194. Hydraulic throw out bearing conversion
  195. Build Update! engine fired up with video!
  196. Please give your feedback on 2 paint ideas!
  197. IRS and Sway Bar
  198. Which headers with big block FE and Gas-N pipes
  199. Maiden Voyage
  200. My painter is teasing me!!!
  201. Heat shield for Polished Stainless Steel Side Exhaust
  202. 15 inch wheel tire choices
  203. Who makes short speedo cables? (custom length)
  204. Reigniting an old flame
  205. Another new one on the road
  206. Speedo - 4" vs 3 3/8"
  207. Vintage air Heater/defroster hose connections
  208. Switching to power steering?
  209. Happy Birthday Mark Dougherty!
  210. Trailer Needed.
  211. Bumpers
  212. Computer loose tuning?
  213. S.A.I. install Pics
  214. Sidepipe to Header Problem
  215. IRS Competion Package
  216. Jack Stands Cheap for your Kit - Harbor Freight
  217. What Type of Rearend?
  218. Gel Coat Pics!
  219. Spintech Cruiser Mufflers
  220. New magazine to hit the stands....
  221. Any pics of your Hydroboost install?
  222. Chrome Plating
  223. Classis electronic speedometer in km/h ?
  224. Windshield cutouts
  225. Front End Alignment
  226. Clutch and flywheel advice
  227. FFR # 7052 First start
  228. Hole drilling in body-before or after paint?
  229. Whose tail lights are these?
  230. Radiator Leaks
  231. FFR Roadster raffle
  232. CNC Remote Reserviors
  233. Picking up the kit on Thursday 8/25/2011
  234. Possibly No FFR at Turkey Rod Run!!!!!!
  235. Enzo from Finish Line Passed Away
  236. FFR#7000 First Start
  237. Holley DP tuning question for low vacuum motor
  238. Some engine porn and dash pictures
  239. Any Mk2s or 3s near Pittsburgh?
  240. Windshield Help... is my math bad?
  241. I've had it! Going for quieter pipes...but how?
  242. Brake Help
  243. What Brakes????
  244. Gone to a new home
  245. Hood surround finish.
  246. How far down did you use bulb seal for front spash guards?
  247. unsprung weight
  248. Coolant inline filler neck is leaking
  249. Lost my ignition switch bezel, suggestion??
  250. Seat track assembly