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  1. 6th Summer Run is only one month away!!!!
  2. Heater Fitment Issues?
  3. Pics wanted - Levy HD Alloy T5 w/Midshift
  4. Fuel Pressure Regulator - EFI Question
  5. Fuel fouled plugs-- Follow Up
  6. North Race Cars Turnsignal
  7. Engine won't turn over...Help! - PROBLEM SOLVED !
  8. 302 oil pan with side rail stock bolt size and heights
  9. Recommend An Oil For A New Engine
  10. Just getting started
  11. Help with misfire please.
  12. Wanted: pictures of independent rear suspension (IRS)
  13. Cobra earls blowers
  14. Service life EFI
  15. Looking for a hard top?
  16. t5 transmission question
  17. Export FFR Cobra's to Germany
  18. Added gauge pod for vacuum gauge
  19. Wilwood Pedal's - installing on a completed car?
  20. wiring harness
  21. First Go Kart Ride...Need some help
  22. It's finally here!!!
  23. Check out my dash ...
  24. Oil Filter
  25. Tie Rod Thread Engagement
  26. Roadster as a Daily Driver - Top - A/C...
  27. With heavy heart "Fedderson"
  28. anybody want a new TOY BOX !!
  29. Video of Our Cruise to the Mission
  30. I performed surgery on my street performer seats.
  31. Anyone Have a Pic of the New Seats Mounted in the Car?
  32. Thanks for the pic dave!!
  33. Brake fluid safe materials
  34. #5613 Goes to StreetRodPainter!
  35. FFR Open House, here we come!
  36. How To Wire The Ford Mini Starter
  37. Source for carbon fiber sheets?
  38. #6171 has paint!
  39. #6319 GRADUATION - Class of 2008
  40. Spec racer windsheild on the street? Legal?
  41. Countdown to the Factory Five Open House
  42. 1/4" or 1/8" pinstripes
  43. Seats vs. Damplifier
  44. Cobra earls blowers
  45. Has anyone made a steering wheel spacer?
  46. DONOR CAR OR Engine and Trans Package?
  47. How to tell what Mark a car is?
  48. IRS disassembly help----Now with picture!
  49. What does it mean when your TPS does not change volt readings?
  50. Steering Rack Extensions With SN95 Spindles
  51. Body in the garage was always in the way...have HOA...SOOOOO...
  52. How many inches of Vac for stock 5.0?
  53. Need jack stand suggestions that won't kill me?
  54. Quick vacuum gauge question...
  55. Anyone using BBK Equal lenth Shortys
  56. the smallest things will drive you INSANE!!
  57. Coil-over set screw
  58. Bad Hookers, Good Hookers!!!!
  59. Hood Scoop Adhesive?
  60. Electrical vs mechanical gauges
  61. New version of older FFCARS outline T-shirts
  62. play in steering wheel
  63. Pin stripe width, laying out stripes to paint this week
  64. Show me your...
  65. Fuel Safe retrofit for FFR MK1
  66. Need K&N Filter Help
  67. Tell me what you think...
  68. PSE Wheels
  69. Anybody have a tranny tunnel top w/o a shifter hole in it?
  70. Seat belts
  71. FFR Cobra HS Grad gift
  72. 5.0 problems
  73. Shock Mount on Rear Axle
  74. Paint color samples
  75. I've Got A Real One!
  76. First Cobra Ride!!
  77. Under-Drive Pulleys Eating Belt!
  78. One giant step back.
  79. Cobra Camping
  80. Valve Overlap
  81. Can I use this radiator?
  82. Forte’s Wilwood Pedals are in
  83. Turkey Pan on 351 w/Victor Jr.
  84. EFI KOEO Codes
  85. Comparing Cobra Performance
  86. Hazard Switch Wiring
  87. Tuning Carb set-up
  88. I2 1+1 million relay - cancelling turn signals?
  89. Show me your MSD box installation
  90. Carb adjustment
  91. Love those CC inserts
  92. MKII hood hoop
  93. Intermitent Run Issue
  94. Electric Speedo and Vehicle Speed Sensor
  95. Electric Speedo and Vehicle Speed Sensor
  96. AC Belt slipping. Solutions?
  97. Did I Break Something?
  98. FFR Heater Mod
  99. specs on Inertia Cutoff switch
  100. 2G Alternator
  101. Single Wire Alternator Question
  102. Calling All Forum EFI Gods! (Long!)
  103. Upper/Lower Intake Manifold Joint
  104. the basics of how a pressurized cooling system works
  105. Mass Air Flow Meter Mounting
  106. Oily residue in exhaust port
  107. overflow tank level question
  108. Fuel Fouled Plugs
  109. HOT ROD Power Tour
  110. Tremec question
  111. It's taking shape!
  112. Nose aluminium
  113. Using 427 Side Emblems
  114. Woodward power steering
  115. Black Hills Delivery
  116. Le Mans fender stripes
  117. Almost done!
  118. Automatic Transmission
  119. Fuel line components? Box 22
  120. is it finally going to happen?
  121. Painted 6309 today!
  122. Is there something else I can do while waiting for drivetrain?
  123. First start video, here it is....
  124. EFI Dizzy question
  125. First cruise with BossEFI -update
  126. Seems to be running a little hot
  127. I need a PCV recommendation
  128. Alternnator bolt sleeve???
  129. ---> THIRD power steering pump leaking!
  130. Had first start, now no start...EFI
  131. Sitting To High In The Car!
  132. Need help, anyone know Ron Hirshberg
  133. mustang guage conversion kit-what box is it in?
  134. My Jeep Cherokee MC seeps brake fluid...what to do about it?
  135. Fuel Injector Harness
  136. What to Loctite and which type to use?
  137. OBD bypass procedure in MA
  138. First Roadster to graduate in UK!!
  139. Metal in MKIII hood
  140. Lights - no Lights - then Lights
  141. Mounting ECU
  142. Wilwood Pedal Questions(again)
  143. What is the status on the slab side
  144. go-kart video (finally), better late than never
  145. Is there any welding required to assemble
  146. Fuel tank pickup question
  147. How much for powder coating?
  148. Broken speedo cable #3
  149. need donor guage help for first start
  150. How to feel stupid for 1/4"
  151. ECM Question
  152. need a horn symbol
  153. Hood bumpers - where & how many?
  154. New FFR Vintage style gauges - Rats nest
  155. what tranny fluid?
  156. Adjusting Street Performer seats
  157. FFR Registry
  158. Oil Pump Question
  159. FFR Heater Question
  160. FFR6198 Dyno results...
  161. Oil pressure sender extension???
  162. I2 wiring - intertia switch
  163. Ford Part Number Identification
  164. Engine is IN!!!
  165. Mustang Medic's Dieted Harness
  166. She Started!!!!
  167. MSD 6al timing
  168. FFR Seat Track Mounting
  169. The NEW BUILD begins !!!!
  170. Lincoln Mark VIII IRS
  171. Stewart Transport 'Stork' is on it's way!!
  172. What Did Your Roadster Cost When it was Over?
  173. UPS came today!
  174. First start on jack stands?
  175. TPS question
  176. no.1 plug
  177. Holes for 90mm cupholders
  178. Started My Seams Today. Your Input Is Appreciated. Pictures Inside.
  179. Oldest FFR.....
  180. Heater Help!!!!
  181. Explorer 90* Oil Filter Adapter Torque
  182. A few dash questions
  183. Mark Reynolds ROCKS!
  184. Line Lock Question
  185. Tail light wiring
  186. Perfect fan sensor switch
  187. leaky head stud
  188. Wideband Sensor Use With EFI
  189. windshield wiper hole locations?
  190. Back From NCPainter
  191. How do sender input wires travel behind the dash?
  192. 347 stroker pushrods
  193. Seat Test in and around Greenville, SC
  194. Wow - we hit 17,000 members!
  195. MKII heater dimensions needed.
  196. What else do I need?
  197. Radiator Filler
  198. Can I add a brake LINE LOCK after the fact.
  199. new tires came in what think
  200. FFR seat track bolts
  201. Looking for photos of a cobra...
  202. Whitby brake mod
  203. Effects of (very) steep angles
  204. EFI GURU's need some help
  205. Can You Believe It? F5R5310 is DONE for Class of 2008!
  206. Another electrical question...
  207. Newly finished, but front end issues
  208. Can the Vintage heater switches be replaced?
  209. Absolute newbie - engine question
  210. How to Stay Alive With A Cobra
  211. Steering Wheel Center Cap
  212. flaring tools?
  213. Body work Advice: Get a good DA sander!
  214. Which aftermarket Rear Axle Lower Control Arms???
  215. Cool New Shifter for the Non-Original Builders
  216. Anyone else ever want a do-over?
  217. wiring the switches
  218. wiring the senders
  219. Time to do most of the sheet metal - order ?
  220. Converted '95 302 to carb - stock alternator ?
  221. My Cobra is going to be 'famous'
  222. Can I safely run my fuel line like this?
  223. Wipers required in Texas
  224. Replacement Bilsteins don't come w/ washers??
  225. Have you seen this car????
  226. Internal Noise: Roller vs. Non Roller
  227. Just placed my roadster order today!!!
  228. Converting to a coil over.
  229. FFR Owners always ready to help out.
  230. Cool look for the dash
  231. FFR builders/owners in Albuquerque,NM
  232. Rookie alignment question
  233. Dash Layout
  234. Cost of powdercoat or ceramic
  235. Its registered!
  236. One more time....
  237. Cleaning new Gas Tank?
  238. Suspension Question
  239. The honeymoon isn't over!! How do you feel about your car?
  240. Villager M/C line orientation
  241. t-5 bell housing
  242. How do you like my Shroud?
  243. Rebuilding now where is best place to get the parts
  244. Non glare paint, what did you do for sun glare?
  245. Strange valve cover leak.
  246. fuel gage anti slosh module
  247. engine twist
  248. Running the Fuel Lines
  249. fender rock protection
  250. FFR having a summer sale!