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do large rear tires help create understeer

does having to large a rear tire help to create under steer in my car
Originally Posted by mmarshall View Post
I have a 3 link coupe so only some of my experience applies.

1. With the 10.5" rims in front the rim may hit the upper control arm at full lock. Mine did and I had to use 1 rack spacer to limit steering travel slightly. It changed my turning radius by about 3'.

2. A friend has a roadster with a 275F/ 315R combo and it understeers. My guess is yours will be worse with the 335's in back. Based on this a front bar will only make the push worse. Hence a big bar in back will probably be needed. Some push can be dialed out with more camber in front....say -2 to start with, and less camber in back.

3. If you have power steering then the sky is the limit on caster. I run 9 degrees.

4. Keep the oil pan above the bottom of the frame rails, and the current ride height is fine.

5. Don't jack with too much until you have autocrossed it a couple of times. Until you have explored the limits much of your cash may be wasted IE: a fancy front sway bar on a car that pushes.

Here is your guide: understeer / oversteer corrections

Hopefully others can fill in the blanks where I am lacking.
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