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Hard Tops, Soft Tops, and Tonneau Covers 

Factory Five Racing: Click here

Convertible Soft Top w/side curtains. Comes w/ canvas soft top, original British sliding side curtains, and powder coated hoop assemblies w/ fasteners. Price: $1,350 
softopsm.jpg (14868 bytes)

Tonneau Cover, Zipper down middle. Protect your interior when your car is not in use, quick and easy. Uncover just the drivers side, and unzip it down the middle when you want to head home in the wet. "This is the best option we sell for a daily driver." -Dave Smith Price:$ 345
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Finish Line Tonnueu Cover $395.00

A.P.E. Products:  Click here

Features at a glance...

  • New, humpback design removable hardtop
  • Lightweight design (approx 30 lbs complete)
  • Large, wrap-around Lexan® rear window for improved safety 
  • Complete kit -- with all hardware, seals and gaskets
  • Retains single or double FFR roadster roll bar(s)
  • Designed to accommodate original style British side curtains
    or our own quick-disconnect side window panels.
  • Finished interior covered with abrasion resistant, matte black urethane bed-liner material
  • Includes convenient storage rack
  • Fits popular Factory Five® 427 SC kit car. www.factoryfive.com
Removable Hard Top Kit  (#1102)
Price:  $ 1,200
Delivery: 2-4 weeks

Tonneau Cover from A.P.E.

A Tonneau Cover is by far the most useful accessory for your Roadster roadster  In addition to keeping your roadster interior clean and dry, it is a quick and easy method of deterring prying eyes.  In our experience, the use of a Tonneau cover sends the "buttoned up" message to casual passersby and helps to keep others from getting too close to your prized roadster.

Our Tonneau Cover design differs from other's in two major areas:

  • Quality: we use only top-quality Stay-fast® Canvas fabric for our cover.  No vinyl covers here.
  • Size/Shape: our cover fits only the cockpit area and has a full length zipper that provides for completely separate-able half sections.  Not only is our design easier to handle, but also locates the snap post away from the hardtop sill area.  If you are or might be considering a hardtop for your FFR roadster, this is the Tonneau cover for you.
Tonneau Cover  (#1403)

Price:  $ 350
S&H: $ 12
Delivery:** 10-15 days
Std Color: Black

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